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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MIUTEES OF TEE BOARD OF MRMS=K$ - May 31, 1910 Upon motion of Mr. Walker, duly seconded and carried, the Reports of the Treasurer and the Business Agent were referred to the Finance Committee without being read before the Board. Upon motion of Mr. Walker, duly seconded and carried, the minutes of the Board of Control since the December meeting of the Board were referred to the Committee to Nominate a Board of Control, without being read before the Board. At this point the Chairman appointed the Standing Committees, as follows: Com. on President's Report: Messrs. Cox, Chm., Barker & Carpenter. Com. on Finance: Messrs. Nichols, Atkinson & Regenstein. Com. on Appropriations: Messrs. Atkinson, Chm. Carpenter & Nichols. Com. on Experiment Station: Messrs. Walker, Chm. Nichols, Patterson. Com. on Salaries: Miessrs. Patterson, Chm. Stoll, Davies. Com. on Internal Expansion: Messrs. Terrell, Chm. Davies, Stoll. Com. on Military Instruction and College Discipline: Messrs. Stoll, Ohm. Walker, Carpenter. Com. on Minutes of Faculty: Messrs. Regenstein, Ohm. Terrell, Turner. Comr to Nominate 'Executive Com.: Messrs. Barker, Chm. Edelen, Walker. Com. to Nominate Board of Control: Messrs. Turner, Chm. Cox, Edelen. At this point Mr. Nichols made the report of the Executive Committee, acting as a special Committee on Budget, which is as follows: