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Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

t is a university? is..." Tile 194] Kentuckian takes as its theme the renowned definition of a university as made by our retired President Frank I,. McVey. For twenty-three years Dr. ATcVey served the University and the State of Kentucky. During those twenty-three years, the University has grown from an institution of several hundreds to an institution of several thousands of students. Dr. McVey has built the University to conform to his ideas of a university as set forth in his definition. According to him, "The essences of this definition are men of learning and a spirit that is free; books and equipment; earnest and eager students; belief in truth; protesting against error; and a burning desire to lead men by reason, rather than by force." I hope that we have recorded the University as Dr. McVey denned one and as he has made the University of Kentucky. The Editor