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Image 154 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 61. Knox County (Barbourville)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

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M9 Apiammix p. refers to page numbers and ent. to entry numbers in this volume. A Alsop, John p.5 Knox (oon*t) 3 James, Colonel p.h E Ballinger Henry, General p.h g James p.2O § John p.5 Lincoln, Abraham, Presi— i Lucy, Marriage License ent.Bl dent ent.8l i Richard p·5 Logan A Barbour, James p.5 James p.5 i Barbourville John p.5 § Cemetery Co., Deeds ents.5l,52 "Long Hunters" p.h g Town § County Seat p.6 Mahan, James p.5 Q Deed to ent.28 Manchester, Suits ent.l98 Q Established p.5 McNeal, Jonathan p.5 § Records of pp.l7,l8 Methodist Church p.6 g Brittian, George p.5 Miller, Samuel F. p.2O . ¥ Marriage License ent.8l g Collins, Josiah p.5 Mortgage, Negro T Comstock, Isaac p.5 Slave Girl ent.h6 Q Cumberland E Coal Company ent.528 Paint Hill Tavern, Deed ent.29 j Railroad Pogue, James H. p.2O f Suits ent.l9B ` Q ‘ Survey ent.529 Reddick, John p.5 § Dewees . Stewart, Alexander p.5 g David p.5 E Thomas p.5 Union College p.6 F University of Kentucky p.l2 Q Eaton, John p.5 U. S. Brush Creek Coal Z Company ent.55O L Gerrard, James, Governor pp.h,2O ¥ Goodwin Vanary, Peter ent.h6 i Alexander J p.5 i . Thomas p.5 Walker ‘ Memorial Park, Deed ent.5O Q Hudson, John l p.5 Thomas p.6, ent.5O T ‘ Wilderness Turnpike `Johnson, James p.5 Road ent.558 T Williams, T. E. ent.55O Y Knox Tilton Graded School ent.292 P County Unemployed Co- Woodson, Silas p.5O i operative Ass*n. ent.86 { Fi-61-Zhi E I 1 r K