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154 > Image 154 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 61. Knox County (Barbourville)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

M9 Apiammix p. refers to page numbers and ent. to entry numbers in this volume. A Alsop, John p.5 Knox (oon*t) 3 James, Colonel p.h E Ballinger Henry, General p.h g James p.2O John p.5 Lincoln, Abraham, Presi i Lucy, Marriage License ent.Bl dent ent.8l i Richard p5 Logan A Barbour, James p.5 James p.5 i Barbourville John p.5 Cemetery Co., Deeds ents.5l,52 "Long Hunters" p.h g Town County Seat p.6 Mahan, James p.5 Q Deed to ent.28 Manchester, Suits ent.l98 Q Established p.5 McNeal, Jonathan p.5 Records of pp.l7,l8 Methodist Church p.6 g Brittian, George p.5 Miller, Samuel F. p.2O . Marriage License ent.8l g Collins, Josiah p.5 Mortgage, Negro T Comstock, Isaac p.5 Slave Girl ent.h6 Q Cumberland E Coal Company ent.528 Paint Hill Tavern, Deed ent.29 j Railroad Pogue, James H. p.2O f Suits ent.l9B ` Q Survey ent.529 Reddick, John p.5 Dewees . Stewart, Alexander p.5 g David p.5 E Thomas p.5 Union College p.6 F University of Kentucky p.l2 Q Eaton, John p.5 U. S. Brush Creek Coal Z Company ent.55O L Gerrard, James, Governor pp.h,2O Goodwin Vanary, Peter ent.h6 i Alexander J p.5 i . Thomas p.5 Walker Memorial Park, Deed ent.5O Q Hudson, John l p.5 Thomas p.6, ent.5O T Wilderness Turnpike `Johnson, James p.5 Road ent.558 T Williams, T. E. ent.55O Y Knox Tilton Graded School ent.292 P County Unemployed Co- Woodson, Silas p.5O i operative Ass*n. ent.86 { Fi-61-Zhi E I 1 r K