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16 > Image 16 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 61. Knox County (Barbourville)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

12 . T, _ Governmental Organization and Record System _.._ . Sec. 140), is a court of record, primarily concerned with probate matters, V. although penal and misdemeanor cases may also be heard (Carroll, op. cit., T 2 . sec. 1095). The juvenile court, provided for by statutes, is a part of the ..1, county court, both courts being presided over by the county judge (ibid., ` _ Sec. 55le-2). ` " The quarterly court, reaffirmed and provided for by the fourth consti- L . tution (Const. of 1891, sec. 159), has jurisdiction in minor penal and mis- demeanOiEeS and is presided over by the county judge. i_ The eight justices' courts, which are constitutional courts provided for by constitution, are presided over by the justices of the peace in their .- respective districts (ibid., sec. 142). ; `. The appointive statutory offices are: the county treasurer, appointed l ( by the fiscal court, for a term of four years (Carroll, op. cit., sec. 929); ( I l the county auditor, appointed annually by the fiscal court essentially as 2 an examiner of claims and accounts against the county (ibid., sec. 1840); ( ` the county board of health, serving for a term of two years and composed of , __ the county judge, three members appointed by the state board of health, and '_ one member appointed by the fiscal court; the county health officer, appoint- _ ed by the county board of health (ibid., sec. 2055); the board of tax super- 2 . visors, appointed annually by the county judge (ibid., sec. 4115); the county road engineer, appointed for a two-year term by the county judge with the _ awproval of the fiscal court (ibid., sec. 4525); the county school superin- _ ( tendent, appointed by the county board of education for four years (ibid., _ 4 SGC. 4599-54); the county election commissioners, composed of the sheriff ( _ and two members appointed annually by the state board of election commis- . sioners; and the county election officers, appointed by the county board _ of election commissioners (ibid., sec. 1596a-2, 5), ~- The office of county agricultural agent is authorized by acts of Con- T gress passed in 1914, 1928, and 1950, providing appropriations for extension ` , work in agriculture (U. S. Code, Title 7, secs. 541, et seq.). ln 1916 and 1950 the Kentucky senE?El"lsScmbiy assented to the provisions of these acts 2 . y and ewthorized the University of Kentucky to conduct such work through the ` CGUVGY lgycnts in the various counties, The appointment is made jointly by the University of Kentucky and the fiscal court (Carroll, op. cit., secs. _ _ 4656g2, h-1, t-a). "`"" _` _ The county budget commission, provided for by an act passed in 1954, _ is composed of thc county judge, county attorney, and one member appointed by the fiscal court (ibid., sec. 185lc-2). The constitutional duties of the county court clerk, and those ndii- tional duties required by statutes, stipulate definitely that the county ' pcourt clerk be the principal custodian of records, as well as the major recording agent in the county governmental system. In Knox County, thc county court clerk is the recording agent of the Ti-61-15