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5 > Image 5 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 61. Knox County (Barbourville)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

1 . TABLE OF CONTENTS Y . A. Knox County and Its Record System ` 1. Historical Sketch 4 2. Governmental Organization and Record System B 5. Housing, Care, and Accessibility of the Records l7 4. Abbreviations, Symbols, and Explanatory Notes 18 B. County Offices and Their Records I. Fiscal Court 2O 4 Petitions. Road and bridge fund. Court orders. Officers' settlements and reports. Claims. ' Miscellaneous. J II. County Court Clerk 27 V _ Land instruments. Personal nrovert . Revenue: , I 1 Y . _ taxes, fees, license and registration, reports to commonwealth. Disbursements. Bonds. Vital statistics. Miscellaneous. III, County Judge 41 _ IV. Circuit Court; Circuit Judge, Commonwealth Attorney 42 Court minutes. Affidavits and warrants. Subpoenas and summons. Suits and dcckets. Judgments. Orders. Executions. Bonds. Financial records. Claims. against court. Miscellaneous. V. Circuit Court Clerk 56 Indictmonts. Financial. Jury fund. Titness at- tendance. VI. Master Commissioner GO Land instruments. VII. County Court 62 Wills. Land divisions. Inventories and appraise- monts. Fiduciaries' appointments. Fiduciqries' settlements. Fiduciaries' bonds. Petitions. Affi- davits and warrants. Suits and dockots. Judgments. Orders. Executions, Bonds. Liquor sclvs. Miscel- lcnecus. VIII. Quarterly Court 74 Affidcvits and warrants. Suits and dockets. Orders, julgments, Lnd executions, Miscllinous. IX. Juvenile Court 78 Pntitions and wlrrants. Dock ts and orders. U V1-n3l-4