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"Ah, Peyton," said the Parson, "I must leave von to your fate. Some day you might etome callig, But your call may come too late. The spirit may get in your heart And bring you to the fold And warm up worldly feelings That are laying iqow so cold; I fear the Lord wNill send his Avrati Some day to make youl hear." Old Peyton turned away and said, "It's tuther one I fear." SUMMER UP THE HOLLOW. Oh, it's summer up the hollow, An' a smile is on the skies. An' a slumber song is stealin on tile breeze, An' it 's ev-rv bird a lendin' Tune into the paradise Of clingin' vine an' shady forest trees. NVhen it 's summer up the hollow Then it's suninner in the heart, An' it lingers in the young an' in the old; An' the sumnimers tip the hollow Kindel stand themselves apart Like a paintin' in a framie of purest gold. Ever hear the red birds sin-in' On a rosy summer mo)rn An' the blue jay eallin' back across the hill An' it's sweet to hear at twiligllt 'Round the place where you were born The serenadin' of the. whippoorwill. Ever get away at dawnin' Through the diamond-tinted dew, Hang your basket on a lim' above the stream, Drop your line into the water Where the bass are waitin' youl It's the crownin' joy of summer's happy dream.