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Oh, it 's summer up the hollow, An' the wild flowers are in bloom, An' the mornin' glory 's wavin' full an' fair 'Mid a rift of noddin' roses, An' it leads me to presume That old nature lends to these her dearest care. Oh, le 's wander up the hollow For we'll find the warmest cheer, An' we'll stop along the way at Daniel's spring; There we'll find the gourd a-hangin' O'er the water cool and clear, An' we'll tarry there to hear the cat bird sing. An' we'll hunt up old McGreggor, An' we'll mix him up a dram Then he's boun' to make you know his table fare, An' he'll give us fryin' chickens An' some good old country ham- Le's be goin', for I long to be up there. THE BLUE DUCK. Cap Jo Grimes he owned the boat, Said she was the best afloat Of her kind-she run between Hockertown and Ballersgreen. Roun' trip run was twenty mile- Could she run it I should smile. She could run it in a day If the wind blowed roun' her way. Three, the crew that manned the boat 'Less you'd count the billygoat. Only sober one at times In the crew of Captain Grimes. Sternwheel-paddles painted green- Grimes once run a thrash machine; Took the biler jest for luck, Put it on the old Blue Duck.