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For that mare he'd swapped to Julus Was about as shy a tail As any hoss could be, the reason which Old Jinkins went to plannin', An' I never see him fail, An' he just supplied the filly with a switch. Got the hosstail from a blacksmith, One as used for brushin' flies, An' he bound it 'round the stump with binder twine; An' he fluffed the hair aroun' it Till the stump was in disguise, An' you never saw a counterfeit so fine. At the peep o' day next mornin' Julus went into the stall, An' he took his e!vrrv comb an' waded in; But the tail slipped tbrough his fingers, An' 'twas then he see it fall, An' the stump was standin' like a couplin' pin. An' his grin was sorted sickly As he stood an' scratched his head; An' he muttered out as thotih he had a pain: "Well. Jinkins wasn't lvin' none Yistiddy when he said, 'The like of her you'll never see again.' " BLOSS FELTON. Ole Bloss Felton, perlice judge, Corncob pipe an' full er budge; Wad uv long green in his jaw, Short uv funds an' short uv law. Ole Bloss Felton tried to look Wise on law, an' sarched the book, All the law he ever found Wus that jes' sorter floatin' 'round. Never knowed how ole Bloss won- Jes' a joke he come to run. Politics makes many a pass Uv luck to heist the tin-horn class.