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8 > Image 8 of Annual report. 1900

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

l . a , i l l l l i l l ANNUAL REPORT or THE l l _ . . - . l l{QlllZllCIilL] CIgI`IC11It11lSCIl Q;X]9QI`l`ITlClIf ..`?iCLtIOlT T [ \ E FOR 1900. l k REPORT OF THE DIRECTOR. _ THE womt. ; The work of the Station may be properly divided into three parts: 1. The work of the Station prope;1 _ 2. The Fertilizer Control \\`ork. E 3. The Food Control `\York. ii THE WORK OF THE iQ[`JT`lON PROPER. r eieriexircar zytsroiv. Prof. Peter has had charge P the purely scientific work of 1 this Division, as distinguishef om the purely technical work T of fertilizer and food inspetx n. He has been assisted by Mr. L. O. Beatty. i Some four hundred anal; st ~ have been made, excluding fer- } tilizer and food analyses. Soil investigations have occupied most of Dr. Peter`s time, lle has also been investigating 1 methods of analysis in eonnection with the Association of q _ Ollicial Agricultural Clienzists. A number of grass analyses ._ have been made during the year, which are incorporated in bulletin 57. There lntve been numerous samples of minerals, Q ores, rocks, and miseellaneous materials examined and passed upon. These and they analyses may be found in the report 3 of the Chemical l;;sEtn, published in this report. E;