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13 > Image 13 of Editor's manual for compiling inventories of county archives

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

P ~ . , V 4 . _ _V b _ _ Preparation of Draft Inventory 7. lrI_i;storical Sketch (Cont.) A - (d) Goverment . Brief but comprehensive sketch giving set-up of first county govern- ment, location, data on first governmental building; institution of first courts; names of first county officials; any other matters U of interest concerning early judicial system. ~ (e). Educational System and Special Features Brief reveiw of development of the educational system, including be- ginnings of any colleges, private or public instituticlls of HOJGG; beginnings of public schools, and other outstanding features Of _ public interest. (f) Trails and Roads (l) Brief mention of first trails, traces, or roads through county, (2) Present main highways, giving numbers, type, and present state of condition. (g) Natural Respprces and Occupation Brief discussion of gainful occupations, type of natural resources, and industries. (h) Population (U.S. Census of 1950) (l) County seat ?;s<1, " (2) Entire county, mentioning other important towns or hamlets, without reference to size 0I' P0P]1tiO (i) Citations , :2e=~ V- cisaeiens sheuie be preceded by e period when the i*ai Serves ;YPY"je more than one sentence. A period should also be used before the last parentheses. (j) Bibliography The bibliography for the Historical Sketch should include name c 7 s . ; ; . . .. '