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Correspondence and Cases, 1942

Part of Benham Coal Company Records

CP - FOR OFFICE USE ONLY WlSCONSlN STEEL COMPANY Mr. L. B. nobertoon, Gen.Supt., V { " W " . hl ze.; Ill FOR liscmeln btel orim, w0 u o 60, . DATE October 91. 1938 Mr. Nels Nelson, Gen.9upt., DEPARTMENT Wisconsin Steel Mines, Hibblngg, Minn. OR WORKS " . _...~Mr. R. irl. Gdbreeth, Supt., *RLE"E Wisconsin Steel Go.Inc., Benhem, Ky. F 4 ???'$?T~ 1=.=.1n meson or ;. mr: I em sending to eech of you three copies of letter of October Blot on FAIR LaOd 3TANDhDS nGT", that is being sent out to the superintendents of all works of the mnnufecturing ond of the Herveoter Company. kleeoe reed it cerofully ono check up your force end rote; to the end of finding out ooeitivoly no to whether there is any employe being polo leee then ?5 por hour (either on n dey rote or enlnry roto), elso whether thero are eny employee working over eight hours per dey or forty hours por week who ere not receiving tina and e hrlf for it, except those eelerie employee on clerlcel Jobs which, I tote it, are receiving overtime on e etreight time eerie end let us heve o report ee to just who they ere, so requested ln the letter sent to the Ti`x1l1l{?=CtLLIlXl{ plonts. J T 1*.5.- It is my uxnderstondimg thet we nre now poyinzg to workers time and half for ell time over eight hours in one uy, ond for l1 time over iortr hours in any one week, but in the case of clerical help on re s==l.1y Deals, we ere peyingg Just atr1ght time for ell time over eight hours in one dey end ell time over forty hours in one woek,- end this you nre to continue until further advised. It may be there will have to be sono nodificntion of this practice ne e result of this law. __ I: X _ GEORGE kl. AOSE F5" T