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The Kentucky Kernel, April 11, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

m m, The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KY.. APRIL VOL XIV , 1924 No. 25 i CLASSICAL OF ASSOCIATION WEST AND MIDDLE SOUTH HERE TOJEET University of Kentucky and Transylvania College to be Hosts MEMBERSHIP IS 4,000 Program Opens With Meeting of Executive Committee April 17 The twentieth annual convention of the (Classical Association of the middle west and south will Ibe held in 9, Lexington April with the University of Kentucky and Transylvania College as hosts. :Scveral Tiundred delegates from the membership of more than 4,000 lare expected to attend. On Thursday, April 17, at 9:30 the executive committee of the Association will meet lin the Phoenix Hotel for a short business session. The opening exercises for all members of the convention will ibe held at 2:00 o'clock in the (ball room of the hotel with IB. .L. Ullman, of the University of Iowa, presiding. At 6:30 o'clock the University of Kentucky will be host at a dinner for the visitors, after which President McVey will welcome them land there will be other speakers present. The program for Friday will ibe held on the University of Kentucky cam- pus, beginning at 9:30 o'clock at the chapel, with S. E. Stout, of the University of Indiana, ipresiding. The University 'will ibe hosts at a luncheon prepared and served by the students in the Department of Home Economics. At 4:30 Dr. and Mrs. McVey will v (Continued on page 7.) EZRA L. GILLIS RETURNS FROM REGISTRARS' MEET Conducted a Class in Chicago at Convention of Collegiate Registrars Registrar Ezra L. Gillis returned Sunday from Chicago where he attended the twelfth national meeting of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars held April 2, 3, 4, at which 160 registrars and assistants from 140 institutions were present. Mr. Gillis conducted a class for registrars at the convention and an advisory committee was appointed from the association to work out details for a special two weeks'' course for the training of registrars to be conducted at the University of Chicago during the summer. The outstanding features of the program were the following addresses: "College Admissions," Dr. Hen Wood, of Columbia University; "Courses for the Training of the Registrar," Dr. C. H. Judd, of Chicago University; "Educational Significance of the Registrar's Office," Registrar R. N. Demp-- j ster, of John Hopkins University; "Place of the Office of the Registrar of an in the Plan of Administration Institution of Higher Education," A. O. Neal, of Arizona; "A Program of Educational Research for Registrars," C. P. Steimle, of Michigan State Normal; "Freshman Week and the Registrar's Office," Miss Mary Frazier Smith, Recorder of Wesley College. -- K- -- JUNIOR CLASS TO HONOR HONORARY COACH MURPHY Memorial to Price McLean Will Be Placed in the New Stadium of the Junior Class a meeting in the chapel at the fifth hour Friday, April 4, it was decided to use the surplus funds of the class to purchase a bronze tablet to be placed in At STADIUM SOUTHWEST Building to Begin About May Will Be Completed Sep- tember Lean, Varsity football player, who met death while upholding the honor of his class and of his University on the athletic field. The motion was made and carried that a bronze tablet eighteen by twenty-four inches be purchased and, pending the construction of the stadium, be placed in the new basketball building. The following committee was selected to attend to its purchase and installation: Miss Frances Smith, Lehman Mays and V. L. Sturgill. K- MAJOR PHELAN RESIGNS AS PROF. IN MILITARY SCIENCE Vacancy to be Filled by Captain James Taylor Major C. A. Phelan has resigned as Military of Professor Assistant Science and Tactics, due to ill health. He left Lexington Friday night with his family and will make his home in Seattle, Washington. Major Phelan came to the University last September from Fort McKin-lcMaine. He was at that time retired from active service, subject to call, and 'was assigned to the University Military staff. He is now on sixteen days' leave of absence, and will be permanently retired on April 23. Captain James Taylor, of the Infantry Service, has 'been ordered to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Major Phelan. Captain Taylor is now pursuing a course of instruction in the infantry school at Ft. Benniug, Ga from which he has been relieved upon his present course. Captain Taylor will report in June and will 'begin active duties in the Military Department at the fall session. y, 6 1; 15 SECTIONS TO SEAT 12,000 Remainder of Structure Will Be Erected as Funds Are Available The site for the proposed new stadium for the University of Kentucky has been definitely located at the corner of Rose and Winslow streets. Three locations were favored for the plant one of them being the one selected, another being on the University of Kentucky Experiment Station Farm and the third .being near the new basketball building. The site desired by the Athletic Council and the alumni committee to the exclusion of the other two was the Winslow street location near the basketball building. Placing the stadium in this place would, they contend, eliminate an unsightly portion of the campus and place all the (buildings belonging to the Athletic Department of the University within close proximity of each other. At the meeting of those in charge of the building of the stadium it was brought out that the desired site would not 'be practicable at this time because of tlu fact that the City of Lexington would have to run a large storm sewer (Continued on page ten) K FACULTY MEMBERS The University of Kentucky is to be the host to the Middle West and Southern Classical Association April An interesting program has been provided which will be held at the Phoenix Hotel, the University chapel and, on Saturday, at Transylvania College. ,atn writing to call your attention to the program and K t'opc that you can attend the meetings. MAYBE SOI We will be glad to have your assistance in every way possible to make First Telephone Operator These the visitors at the Universtiy fed at college boys are too fresh. home. Professor T. T. Jones is chairSecond Telephone Operator Yju man of the local committee. said it Just because I took 20 minremain, With .best wishes, utes to get a numlber, one of 'em askSincerely yours, ed me if I was supposed to be a slack-wir- e FRANK L. McVEY, performer! Rutger's Chanticleer. President. 9. 1 1 Two-Fift- m Several Plans For Next Schol-isti- c Year Are Made Definite hs Alpha Zeta, national honorary fraternity in agriculture, composed of the men who are in the upper in standing in their classes, held their annual dance and pledging services at the Phoenix Hotel Friday night, April fourth. Six men, chosen from those with the highest standing in the College of Agriculture, were pledged just before the fifth These men were picked from the crowd by a tap on the shoulder with a corn stalk and brought to the front of the Iball room, where the colors were pinned on them. The pledges were: Lilburn Allen, Claude Spillman, C. E. Hubbach, W. S. Ligon, G. M. Proctor and E. G. Leachman. Those in the active chapter are: n Andrew Quarles, Jack Stallard, Ashley, Raymond Lickert, C. O. Warren and Stuart Brabandt. two-fift- ." Val-do- -- Problems Concerning University Are Discussed APPOINTMENTS MADE AGRICULTURE Men Chosen From Upper in Class StandCORNER OF ing ROSE AND WIMSLOW STS. the new basketball ibuilding and later in the stadium, in honor of Price Mc- I Many K- SITE FIXED AT held -- PRESIDENT'S OFFICE FRATERNITHLEDGES 6 MEMORY OE CLASSMATE TRUSTEES HOLD REGULAR MEETING Last week collection notices were mailed to all the students, who subscribed to the Greater Kentucky Fund, in regard to the April payment. Until now there has been very little response to the notices. There is need for all the funds as they fall due and the Alumni Office earnestly desires to receive a call from each of you this week at the earliest convenience. The final site for the stadium has been selected and work will begin before long, so let's get all the money in as it falls due so nothing will hold up the work. Inasmuch as the annual Spring vacation begins April 17, and many students who have class cycles closing the preceding day will perhaps leave for home the previous afternoon, The Kernel, in accordance with a will omit custom, publication for the coming week, as the paper in the due course of publication would not be out until the student body had left for home. The publication will be resumed at the regular time in the week of the closing holidays. 17-1- UNIVERSITY PAY UP FOR APRIL NOTICE1 The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky held its regular quarterly meeting Friday, March 4, in President McVey's office. Dr. Charles' J. Turck, instructor of the law school of Vaudcnbilt University was elected Dean of the College of Law. Since the death of Dean W. T. Lafferty in 1922, Judge Lyman Chalkley has been acting head of the department. Dr. Turck, who is a native of Louisiana, was graduated from Tulane and Columbia Universities, and has been a member of the faculties at Tulane and Vandei'bilt. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa honorary fraternity and of the American Bar Association. At the present time Dr. Turck is secretary of the law school at Vanderbilt. Dr. J. E. Rush was appointed head of the Department of Public Health and Hygiene to succeed Dr. P. K. Holmes who died last January. Dr. Rush is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, of New York University, and of the University of Pittsburgh. He has been a member of the faculties at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Institute of Technology, and the University of Wisconsin. For five years he was director of health at Pennsylvania, and acting sup- Edge-wort- (Continued K- h, on page 4.) -- K- STUDENT K. E. A. DRIVE TO BE HELD ON CAMPUS THIS WEEK WILDCAT TRACK TEAM TO Juniors and Seniors to be From Classes Excused MEET VANDY SATURDAY Left Friday For Nashville to Par- A committee of the Education Gub ticipate in First College Meet has been appointed to solicit memof Year bership for the K. E. A. among the student body of the University and The Wildcat track team, under the the drive will start this week, having direction of Coach Buchheit and Mangoal two hundred K. E. A. stu- ager for its left Friday dent members. The fee for membership will be $1 and by taking membership a round-tri- p ticket may be purchased to Louisville, Kentucky, with a $2 reduction. It will be necessary to get a meniiber-shi- p card and an identification certificate before one can get the special rates The student body of the University has its first opportunity to become acquainted with the work of the Kentucky Educational Association. The University Council has authorized the Deans to excuse from classes Juniors and Seniors who wish to attend the K. E. A. program. for the banquet are Reservations now being made and all reservations must be completed 'by Monday, April 14. All students and members of the faculty who wish to go should file in the Department of reservations University Extension. K It's time to get Christmas gifts in shape to give as wedding and graduation presents. here Jack Frost, (this) morning for Nashville, Tenn., where they will meet Vanderbilt University team Saturday in thelfirst intercollegiate track meet of the season for the Blue and White men. The Vanderbilt squad is known to be strong in sprint, distance, pole vault and relay events and will give Buch-heit- 's squad' considerable trouble Much dependence is being placed in Ray Hall in the distance events, Brady in the events he is entered in and "Turkey" Hughes in the jumps. Hughes is considered one of the best' men in the broad and high jumps who hat been in the University of Kentucky in a number of years and will probably ibring back some points to his credit. Kirwan, who was expected to start as one of the members of the team, leaves for New York as the guest of the Alumni and will be unable to participate in this meet. His place on the mile relay event is being filled by Allen, who made such an excellent re-!- (Continued on page 7)