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15 > Image 15 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 25, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

v4 KENTUCKY KERNEL fnculty of Professor Wiest NEW COLLEGE IS four assistant professors nnd will nnd bo t. !.. iiiuiuhhuu wuuii Tnm t I IIVS IX T riTNI rtnnn enlargement nroyenr. l inns lor IUlure I nlrcndy under way H HhIVh I T I Til I XLMrxi lJililjL 1 IJUIVLj During the pnst X chool of Commerce Established This Yenr; Professor Wicsl Is Made Dcnn of Now Venture Is Sixth on Campus Rapid incrensc in enrollment in the department of business administration nt tho University of Kentucky within tho pnst few yenrs has cnuscd the depnrtment to outgrow its present fncilVtics nnd a College of Commerce was established for the coming term of school, with Prof. Edward Wicsl, head of the department ns dean of the new college. The college was established with Geography Is Sometimes In The Pen colloffo yenr botween six hundred nnd seven hundred stu (lcnls wcro cnrolId economics nlone nnd more tbnn thirty graduates of the Arts nnd Sciences College held majors in the department of business admin istrntion. With tho establishment of the new collcpe, the sixth of tho university, new courses in economics, sociology, "ccountinff, nuditinR, marketing, sales- - manship, statistical work, business organizations nnd other phnses of bus incss administration nre now offered to tho student body. The members of the new faculty nre: Hugh L. Kcenloyside, formerly instructor nt Syracuse University; II. U. Kversoic, spccinlist in accounting at tho university of Illinois and R. T. Mclntyrc, instructor in mnrkctine and salesmanship nt the University of Illi nois for the pnst three years. Offers Course in Economic History Professor Kcenloyside, who is graduate of Clnrk University, has offered courses in economic history. He is one of the lending students of eco nomics in the country nnd is a fre qucnt contributor to mngazines oi this subject. Professor Eversolc, who received nn M. A. degree from the University of Illinois, will develop nuditing- - and Cooper has been awarded n fellowship of Chicago. College Was In Great Demand The growth of a course in business special accounting courses in the new college. He has had wide practical experience in addition to his thorough training nnd received the degree of certified tenchcr of accounting only niter an extended period of experi College. once. that can't J Quite often a man has been convicted of because he couldn't make a legible mark with the pen he was using. Your Conklin Endura says what you mean. Try one at your favorite store. Professor Mclntyre came to the university from Marshall-Fiel- d Co., of Chicago, where he had been for the past year gaining experience and experimenting in methods of marketing and salesmanship under conditions which will confront the student when he enters the business world. For three yenrs prior to his association with Marshall-FielProfessor Mclntyre was nn instructor at the University of Illinois, where he received his M. A. degree. Prof. S. E. Leland, who was con nected with the economics department for several years, was given a year's leave from the university beginning this lall to allow him to complete his work toward a Ph. D. at the Univers ity of Chicago. Professor Leland will return to the university as a member of the faculty of the College of Commerce after his work at Chicago. Paul Cooper, who has been assistant instructor in economics for the past two years, will leave soon for Chicago where he will take graduate work. Mr. Former U. of K. Student Drowned at Nashville Robert Phelphs, Delta Chi of 1924, Dies in Cumberland River Word was received by the Kernel during the summer of the death of Robert Phelps, former University of Kentucky student, by drowning in the Cumberland River, at Nashville Tues day afternoon. July 7. He was 24 years old. Phelps entered the university in September of 1923 and left in Feb ruary of 1925. He was a very popular member of the Delta Chi fratern ity and was well known in Lexington. He left school to enter the employ of the standard Oil Company, at Nashville, Tenn. Phelps was bathing in the Cumb erland river with a companion when he was observed to go down in about "BOB HAWKINS' FIVE ACES" Barber Shop University Conklin Endura, at $5 and $7, in red, black, mahogany; long or short; clip or ring cap. A wide variety of other Conklin pens and pencils, in rubber 107 S. Limestone Street House Managers THE CONKLIN PEN MFG. CO. TOLEDO. OHIO Chicago San Francisco Boston Open Your Account With Myers Model Market ConJdiih VnamVtimfiii V ftrfftialdj Guarantrci mmmn:m:nm:mnmnnmjmmn::t:nnnmm:nmm:mn:mmmmmmnmn Made County School Court of Appeals Forces Each County Seat to Establish Educational Institution The University High school hns been converted into n county high school, it was nnnouncod last week by Prof. M. E. Ligon, principnl, in with n decision handed down in tho Christinn county circuit court, requiring tho county board of education to establish a county high school in tho county seat of each county in tho stnto The now system became effective nt tho opening of the fnll term September 11 nnd the same system of clnss work will bo carried out Regardless of tho decision of tho county board ns to those nunlU whn will bo permitted to attend, only CO students of tho county can be accommodated nnd the registration has been limited to 120 students The Universitv Iliirli sdinnl wna formerly a lnboratory nnd demon-- 1 stration school for tho Oil Education nnd served in aiding of practice teaching. Tho system of the institution will not be changed Whiteman Coming Noted Recording Orchestra to riay Here on October 26 In the openinc of the eighth nnniml which has just been announced by Mss Anna Chandler Goff. of the Lcxnirton Collno-nf Music, an attractive program has been nnnounced ns follows: Will Rogers nnd tne DeRcszko sincr- ers, Thursday, October 8, 8:15 p. m., or Paul Whiteman and his orhost. Monday October 2G, 8:15 p. m. Mnrtr.irnf. TVAIvnrn TlmoJo,. n ' cember 3, 8:15! p. m. Dusolina Ginnnini. Thursdnv. Tip. cember 3, 8:15 p. m. Josef Lhevinne. Friday. Januarv 20. 8:15 p m. Cleveland. Svmnlionv OriOiostrn Thursday, April 0, 8:15 p. m. beason tickets for students nnd teachers only are $7.70, including war artist concert series tax. Order season tickets or single tickets to dav bv writino- nr nlinninoto Miss Anna Chandler Goff. forty feet of water The not recovered until Wednesday morning, efforts proving futile throughout the night. 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Welcome Students Get Your Hair Cut Like You Want It and all metals priced as low as $1.00 for pencils and $2.50 for pens. Conklin quality in every one. ENDURA University High Is nt tho University administration, formulated by Profes sor Wiest, when he came to tho Uni versity of Kentucky in 1008, to n Col lege of Commerce is tho result of nn insistent demand on tho part of stu dents and in line with a nation-wid- e growth of commercial departments i the United States. When Professor Wiest came to the university, econom ics, sociology, political science nnd history were in one department, which was taught by two men. Professor Wiest introduced accounting, business organization, economic history, princi pics of economics nnd n general course of business administration. The dean of the new college is con sidcrcd to be the man to make the college a success as he organized the department nnd through his training and actual experience he hns made this department the most popular in the College of Arts nnd Sciences. Pro fessor Wiest is a graduate of George town University, took undergrnduntc work nt the University of Vermont and received his doctor's degree at Columbia University. The new college occupies half of the second floor nnd the entire third floor of White Hall, the art depart ment having been moved out of the building entirely, to provide the neces sary space for more classrooms and accounting and statistical Inborn tories. By the fall of 192G it is ex pected that a secretarial course for young women will be added to the Col lege of Commerce and an endeavor is being made to secure experienced graduates of a similar course at Smith PAGE FIFTEEN Right Prices Fresh Groceries Just off Maxwell on Lime tttttammttt Welcome Students EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY THE At The STUDENTS BARBER SHOP Fountain of Youth Sodas and Luncheonette Respectfully Solicits Your Business Regular Meals a Specialty $ You can get your hair cut exactly as you want it W. Fulton, Proprietor (FORMERLY WITH CORNER PHOENIX BARBER SHOP) MAXWELL AND LIME "Snowball and Jones" PROPS.