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16 > Image 16 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 25, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIXTEEN J Sib i WELCOME, ,0 o r 1. ri STUDENTS! As we play the Dixie tune, Every Freshman march with a big spoon, We'll stop right in front of the door Of the Dixie Dealer's Store. Our Dealers shout, at the-Dix- ie call, ".Say, Fellers, there's Ice Cream I for all." guess you'll come right in, too, To eat a Sundae made for you. The twinkle in the Coed's eyes Say plainly that she thinks the The Football Hero, you can see Is always full of life and glee. He likes to play football all day long 'Cause Dixie cones have kept him well and strong. EAT size Of this big plate of rich ice cream and that's Is fine, for flapper no dream. Our Senior Sheik's quite some kid To every dance he gets a bid. He claims that he's a heavy drinker 'Cause Ice Cream Soda helps his thinker. a ICE CREAM ious and A. i Food Well-Balanc- ed School time is spoon time. Let every spoonful be our ice cream. Nothing so comoVeV sa'isies. Made from the i V S" I ?5 F XI v 1.. V "There IK Si. f 9 xie Dealer Near ? :C DIXIE ICE CREAM COMPANY (Incorporated) Rose & Chesapeake mtemmL Phone 269 or mil i Vii Lexington, Kentucky 1060 i Hnmih i inlfcuiitiii r