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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky farm and home science, vol. 8 No. 1 winter 1962

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

virus for preventing fetal rhinopneumonitis. The sive results. The results did indicate, however, that mares inoculated had a total of 4,298 pregnancies and Clair timothy produces forage relatively high in nu- _,;_, 41 abortions (0.95 percent). During the same period trients needed for maintaining milk production. No the mares of 35 other farms on which no inoculations grain was fed. ` ` ivere zgdgngnisteretltpad 477 pregnancies and 75 abor- use of Dried Skim Milk in can Shiner . Kms ` pawn ' Work with 31 Holstein and lersey male and female [ Nemotode Infection in Colves calves indicated that dried skim milk in the calf l. Crain Supplgmgnt was unguccgsgful in Cgmplgtgly St3.I`I[I' COl`ltI`1l)L1IC(l. little ll') thl.I` 2- 0I` 3-week Wzlfllflg I- ` V esumsrbalapemg the influence of superimposed mma- program It was coocludcd than oftcr a milk fcodirrg tode infections. This conclusion was reached on the pcriod of 3 wccks. l3lfY colvcs could bc SitlSf30l01llY ( basis of relative difference in blood changes of two Wl Wllll oftorcd 3 $lmPl but palofoblo lIY Calf _ groups of six calves in which one group received a St11Yf 1l>*;;;<>