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The Kentucky Kernel, April 24, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON. KY APRIL 24, 1919 VOL IX LITTLE END OF GIVEHJENHESSEAHS Wildcats Use Whitewash in Second Game, State Championship Looms Bigger and Bigger The Volunteers of the University of Tennessee were defeated twice last week at the hands of the fierce Wild cats of the University of Kentucky. On its trip into the State of Kentucky this season Tennessee lost four and tied one out of five games played. Georgeand Kentucky town, Transylvania, were victors, while Centre held the Southern team to a tie. The second game of the season for the Wildcats was played Friday afternoon on Stoll Field, with the Volunteers, resulting in a decisive victory for Kentucky, by a score of 10 to 3. The feature of the game was a home nih by Henry Thomas, catcher for the Wildcats, in the fifth inning. The ball sailed out into deep center field, and rolled out of Stoll Field thru a gap in the fence, making the longest hit, and the only home run of the season here. The game was not so exciting and close, but the students and other fans on the bleachers had a chance to give the Wildcats a close "once over" and see Just what material Kentucky has for a championship team. The Wildcat southpaw, "Doc" Las-lestruck out eight of the Tennes-seean- s in Friday's game, displaying his usual good headwork in his pitching. He easily outclassed the mighty Meek, who wrought Buch havoc with the Wildcat record last year. Thomas, beginning his second sea son behind the bat for the Wildcats, upheld his part of the reputation for the Kentucky battery His throws were accurate and well timed. Out of four times at the bat he secured three hits, one resulting in the home run. Three hits out of five times at the bat and an errorless afternoon of fielding was the record of Burnham, Kentucky's freshman thirdbaseman. Brown the other freshman infielder, is fulfilling all the fan's expectations of a crackerjack first baseman for Kentucky, and is doing his share with the stick. Calloway proved himself the best player with the Tennesseans, altho he did not add anything to his reputation as one of the best shortstops in the South. His work at the bat, however, was better than that of any of his mates. Ho made two clean hits, and scored one run. The score by innings was: Kentucky 330 0 1021 010 Tennessee 00000021 0 3 Strike-outs- : by Lasley, 8; by Meek, 1. Buses on Balls: By Lasloy, 1; by Meek, 0. Umpire: Jim Park. game for Tennessee A "shut-outwus the reward of the Kentucky bat- " (Continued on Page Two.) F BAND AT IRVINE The University band under the com mand of Captain Grover Creech, in augurated the Victory Liberty Loan drive for Estill county at Irvine, Ken tucky, last Saturday. The band left Lexington at 6:30 a. m. and after stopping to play at Winchester, proceeded to Irvine, where It was met by Virgil Chapman with about fifteen automo biles in which the band was taken over the county. The band was treated royally by the people of Irvine, who served not only breakfast and dinner to the band, but also furnished "dopes," smokes and the like. About $60,000 in bonds were bought by the people of Estill county after hearing the band play. FIRST TRACK MEET TO BE HELD AT MIAMI SAT. Wildcats to Invade Ohio to Try Skill at Oxford ; Coach Gill Confident on Runs and Dashes The University of Kentucky track squad will meet the Miami team in Oxford, O., Saturday. Coach Gill and the men he has selected for the events will leave Lexington Friday night at 6:10, and will arrive in Oxford at 9:05 Saturday. Coach Gill feels confident of win ning several of the events, especially the runs, dashes, hurdles and high and broad Jumps. Kentucky's chances on the pole vault, discus and shot put are not very flattering, because of the for 'these scarcity of candidates entries. The second meet in which Kentucky will take part will be held on the Hin ton Field track at Georgetown College, Monday afternoon, May 5, when they meet the team of Georgetown College. The following is a list of the events and the candidates who will be taken to the Miami meet: . 100 yard dash Grabfelder, Williams and Snider. 220 yard dash Grabfelder, Williams and Snider. 440 yard dash Williams, DeBrovey, Kohn and Snider. f mile Knight, Graham and Gibbons. Mile Knight, Shouso, Graham and Gibbons. Knight, Shouse and Baumgarten. Low hurdles Wllhelm and Claire. High hurdles Wllhelm and Claire. Discus Snider, Baugh and Downing. Jnvelln Downing, Gray and Claire. Shot Put Warth, Kohn and Baugh. High Jump Wllhelm and Clairo. Broad Jump Grubfelder, Nicholson and Snldor. Polo vault Nlckolson. Coach GUI will take more men than can be entered merely to give his squad the necessary experience for trying their abilities. Only two men can be entered in each event and only first and second places count as points. One-hal- Two-mil- e MMMMIItill! ARBOR DAY PROGRAM SENIORS PLAN ALUMNI TALKATIVE WILDCATS WILL DEBATE CUCKOOS Two eKntucky Teams Will Oppose Centre and Tran- sylvania Thursday Night Inter-Societ- y Con- test Later Thursday evening, April 24th, is the time the Intercollegiate Debates in which Kentucky's four leading colleges will take part. Trarisylvania and the University of Kentucky will debate in the University chapel at 7:45 p. m. J. P. Barnes and Goebel Porter representing Kentucky, and Wright and Brooks representing Transylvania. On the same evening, another team composed of Marcus C. Redwine and William J. Kalbreler will meet Centre College in Danville in a similar debate. Transylvania will debate Georgetown at Transylvania, and Centre will send a second team to meet Georgetown at Georgetown. The question for the debates is "Resolved, That the American System of Trial by Jury Should Be Abolished." Ken(Constitutionality admitted). tucky's teams will handle both sides of the question, the team going to Danville upholding the affirmative and the other team defending the negative. Patterson Literary Society furnished the team which will debate Centre College and the Union, the team which will oppose Transylvania. Much interest has been manifested in these intercollegiate debates and that interest has been somewhat intensified by reason of the fact that the University of Kentucky teams will meet each other within a short time on the same question to contest for the Barker Trophy Cup, which is now in possession of the Union Society,? "two time winners" of the trophy. Every student in the University Is a urged to come out for the debate and give our team the support which it deserves. Transylvania will send out a large delegation of supporters. Judges of the debates have not been chosen yet. Kentucky-Transylvani- MENACE No. 20 OF IGNORANCE DISCUSSED BY TUTHILL Dr. Edward Tuthlll discussed the last of a series of questions in the world forum Thursday afternoon, April 24, In the Y. M. C. A. room on the "Menace of Ignorance." The speaker pointed out the relation of Ignoranco to the Bolshevist movement in Russia and adjacent countries. He indicatod that the condition of Western Europe has grown worso educationally because money formerly expended on schools has been wasted In wai's. Ho presented statistics of illiteracy in various armies, Including that of the United States. Finally ho called attention to an apparent neglect of sound moral instruction which is likely to leave tho various nations at the mercy of the domagoguo. " Plans are complete for the annual Arbor Day exercises to be given Friday morning, April 26, starting at 10 o'clock. The Seniors will march out in a body, plant their tree, a burr oak, which will be dedicated to the memory of five men, former members of class '19, who have lost their lives. They are Elrldge Griffith, who was killed while celebrating the tug of war victory in his freshman year, and Stanley Smith, Louis W. Herndon, Aubry TownBend and Chester Helm, who were killed in service abroad. After planting the tree, Lee McClain, the class orator will speak, followed by Ed Dabney, the Junior class orator. Miss Mildred Graham will give the class prophecy. After the program, the pledging of the Senior honorary fraternity, Lamp and Cross and Staff and Crown will take place. DAY GRADUATION WEEK Best Commencement Exercises to Mark Year's Finish; Reunions to be Inaugurated. The inauguration of an Alumni Day during Commencement week at the University will be the feature of the program if present plans of a faculty committee and the Senior class are successful. A committee, of which Professor E. F. Farquhar is chairman has been appointed to prepare plans for a larger program for the week of graduation and this committee appeared before the Senior class at a meeting Tuesday afternoon with tentative plans for such a program. It is the policy of the committee to provide such a week and interesting of entertainment EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE events that many of the alumni will return for the occasion. At the meetFAVORS FRATERNITY ROW ing Professor E. C. Mabie spoke on the spirit that holds alumni together, and methods by which such a spirit Dr. Dimock To Succeed Pon- can be fostered in Kentucky. The election of a permanent secretary to tius as Professor in Colkeep members of the class in touch lege of Agriculture for years to come was discussed. The Executive Committee of the Probable Program. Board of Trustees of the University Professor W. D. Funkhouser gave met in regular session In the Presi a tentative program for the week. On dent's office Wednesday. Monday, June 15, Class Day exercises Applications were received from the will be held in the morning. In the Epsilon Chapter of the Phi Delta Theta afternoon there will be a concert by fraternity and the Sigma Alpha Epsithe Glee Club of the University follon fraternity, asking for building lowed by the President's reception at sites for these fraternities on the Unihis home, Maxwell Place. The Senior versity campus. These applications ball will be held in the Armory Monwere presented by the President to day night. Tuesday will be known as the committee with the statement that Alumni Day if the plans mature. Every the Sigma Chi fraternity was alsq conclass and every fraternity, society or sidering making application for a site. sorority will be urged to have its sepPresident McVey recommended that arate place and program for its rethe applications be given favorable union. In other universities, classes consideration. A form of contract for adopt some distinctive clothing or lease of such property was drawn up mark by which members can be disand presented to the committee, and tinguished. At noon of Tuesday, the after a few changes, was adopted by Alumni banquet will be held. Followthe committee as a tentative lease ing this there will be a great parade of form, and the President was authorstudents and Alumni to Stoll Field, ized to enter into negotiations with where a special athletic event will be fraternities for building sites. staged. The athletic department stated President McVey reported to tho that it could not hope for a game with committee that tho final settlement of another university, as all other Instithe University with tho War Departtutions will be closed by that time, but ment for the operation of the Students a gamo between tho varsity baseball Army Training Corps had been apteam of this year might bo arranged proved by the War Department and against tho baseball stars of the Alumthat tho University expects to receive ni. Tho night program would be taken a check from tho Treasury Department up by tho Strollers and some other and Surgeon General within a few collogo organizations. days. Tho final settlement called for Wednesday, Juno IS, Is Commencea total of about $5S,000. ment Day. In tho afternoon a final Tho President asked tho Executlvo cadet hop has been planned. Those Commltteo for authority to proceed plans wore presented to tho class of with repairs on tho old dormitory. Tho 1919 Tuesday afternoon, and their debuilding will bo nuulo over for class cision was to accopt tho program and room purposes for tho coming year undertako to carry It out. and construction will begin on tho Arbor Day Exercises. building in tho noxt few days. Arbor Day exercises at tho UniverPresident McVey recommended to sity will bo held Friday, April 25. Tho (Continued on Pago Two.) (Continued on Page Seven)