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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 24, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

) THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 6 "tt Victor Bogaert Co. DRESS UP TIME Leading Jewelers Established 1883 'The Hallmark Store." Take Advantage of This Opportunity ECONOMY WE NAVE MLVED THE MISLED It. . Lexis gtM, Ky. Vno 1IMII W. Mais a-- Us WMts hi AsaMlntetf WHh Tswn." KmtMky's Nststf Cndy atwt) Pay Vfstt HOME MADI CANDY EXCLUSIVELY Mass aa goM Only T Schange's Candy Kitchen Just 111 S. Uppsr St., arsMfttf ssrnsr frsm Msln ttrssL ALE OF ECINMY IN WEMINI APPAREL FOR HUNDREDS OF YOUNO MEN IN LEXINOTON-W- E CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOU NEW SPRING SAMPLE LINES READY New Spring SAMPLE HATS 1 1 $2,48 1 New Waist Line Spring Suits H $24.85 Misses Edna Smith, Nancy Smock, Haley. Elizabeth Card, Era Beboe, Roberta Both the affirmative and the negaThornton, Louise Will and Mina White. tive sides discussed the Issue with fervor, and ably brought out the points THEATER OF DEMOCRATS PREPARE upholding their side of the question. The judges, after weighing the arguStroller Coach Entertained FOR COMING PRIMARY ments carefully, gave their decision negative. Hall by English Lieutenant-ColoneSamuel M. Wil- in favor of the l Present son, of Lexington, probable aspirant It has been rumored that both the Club, Strollers speakers for the negative, having refor the Democratic nomination for Gov"Rosalind" ceived letters from the Registrar, ernor, will be invited to make the first were allowed to explain just why they Mr. Caroll M. Sax, of the Vagabond address before the Democratic Club of Md., gave the the University of Kentucky, which was had not been reporting for drill. The Theater, of Baltimore, audience at the debate ascribe the first of a series of lectures scheduled organized Saturday with Marcus C. heat thereof to these notices. for his stay in Lexington, on the Lit-ti- e Redwine, of Sandy Hook, Ky., as presiTheater movement, Tuesday after- dent. Colonel Wilson, who is now with his division in France, expects to be in noon at Patterson Hall. DELTA CHI SMOKES r meeting was under the direc- the States by April 30, and the meetThe Kentucky Chapter of Delta Chi fration of the English Club and the Stroll- ing has been set for May 12, when it is thought he will have reached Lex- ternity gave a smoker last Monday ers, with guests invited ffrom the evening in the private dining room faculty and from the other colleges of ington. The club is a revival of a similar of the Woman's Exchange. The dining Lexington. The members of the Engroom was decorated with the fraterlish Club living at Patterson Hall were organization which formerly existed at nity colors. Those present were: at- the University, and was hostesses. The recreation hall was tractively decorated with vases and with the view of Interesting young Active members R. W. Hanson, U. G. men of ideals and training in the polit- Ward, E. L. Ritchie, J. J. McBrayer, bowls of lilacs and roses. James Farmer, P. E. Thomas, Leland Mr. Sax in his lecture gave a short ical questions of the day, especially in history of the Little Theater move- the coming primary, and educating Hanks, W. T. Asbery, Louis Riedel, R. O. Wilson and Glenn Wallingford; ment, which has spread like wildfire them in the duties of citizenship. Lead ers in Kentucky politics who represent Pledge, G. P. Wilson; Alumni, J. O. over the country with the result that Reynolds, Harry Miller, Thornton America now boasts of fifty success- clean politics, and the ideals of col Glenn U. Brooks, William Town-sen- d lege men will be invited to speak at ful Little Theaters. and Warren Eubanks; Guests, meetings to be held before the UniverThe movement sprang first from Raymond Craig and Robert Young. sity closes for the summer vacation. the dissatisfaction of various communiOfficers were elected as follows: M. ties with plays offered by theatrical Faculty's Motto. C. Redwine, Sandy Hook, president; J. companies, and second, from the fact (Asbury College News Era.) J. McBrayer, Lawrenceburg, vice presithat a new type of drama which has Faculty Motto: "Oh, wad some powdent; Miss Bessie Taul Conkwright, arisen demands a more intimate preer the gift t' gie us, to see ourselves Winchester, secretary. The officers sentation than the ordinary stage percompose the executive committee and as the pupils see us." mits. with the addition of two others to be The Vagabond Theater in Baltimore appointed by the president, the prowas begun by some of Mr. Sax's pupils, gram committee. one of the most successful of and is the Little Theaters. This is evident from the fact that in the second year of LAWYERS GO IN FOR its existence it was able to contribute MILITARY TRAINING 2,260 to war work, and is at present making plans for a new building in At its regular weekly meeting, held Order them now made the which to present its plays. e last Wednesday evening, April 16, the Justrlght way. See our new Spring In choosing plays for presentation, members of the Henry Clay Law SocieWoolens at popular prices. preference is given first, to local writ- ty participated in one of Worsteds, Tweds, Scotches, the liveliest ings, second to plays never given be- debates Crashes and Novelties, in that has ever taken place on greens, blues and greys. fore, third to plays never given before the campus. Abe Lincoln and Steve All suits made by us pressed in America. for one year free of charge. Douglass, with all due respect to these After the lecture, a pleasing presen- gentleman, didn't have a thing on SUITS AND TOP COATS tation of J. M. Barrio's "Rosalind," these promising young attorneys. was rendered by the Strollers with The question discussed was: "Re$25 $27.50 $30 Mr. Gus Gay, Miss Christine Hopkins solved: That there should be Univer$32.50 $35 $37.50 $40 $45 and Miss Henrietta Bedford in the sal Military Training for all Male Citiroles of Mr. Roche, Mrs. Page and zens of the United States Between the Dame Quickly respectively. Ages of 20 and 22 Years." The affirmaJUSTRI6HT Tea was served by members of the tive speakers were H. H. Green and TAILORING CO. 145 West Main Street English Club. Miss Dora eBrkeley D. C. Ross, while the negative side was presided at the tea table, assisted by argued by E. S. Dummltt and H. P. SAX TELLS STUDENTS LIM at Patt Spllf elides if soft drink ear-roun- d ler business mon , professional men, men of sports -- sjolf, wlinj4MnissltoeWiittj,rttinftj. Ibr overybody, everywhere, the year Vound.Bevo is halo refreshment fop wholesome thirst-htvitferatinrf Mod b? the athlete soft-drin- k. " or the man in physical or montal trainingrfoed to train and gain en. Health" ful and appetizing. Yryrher " Ikmilte MtppHed hy greccr, druggist nt dalrr. btten i cwdUlly invited to bpct mr flail S14 ANHEUSER-BUSC- ST. LOUIS H 4MC Have Your Pictures Made at the Rig-do- YHT r V HUMPHREY STUDIO Prompt Service Courteous Treatment 341 W. Main St. Phone High Grade Work TWi IROTNEtS IARBEK 1635-- x SIM HOUND THE CORNER FROM UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE HAIR CUT 35c 15c SHAVE Tailored-to-Measur- YOU CAN SAVE MONEY AM? LETTING US SAVE We mas WJlt rfs USE DY SCLES. Nu- - Way Shoe Shop, N. Mill