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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 24, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SENIORS PLAN ALUMNI (Continued From Pago One.) Senior class will march In a body to tho Bcone of the planting In front of tho Old Sclenco building, where the president, S. Headlcy Shouse, will dedlcnto tho tree to tho members of tho class who have lost their lives In tho war and to E. Grltfln, who was killed four years ago, whllo celebrating the victory of the class in tho an nual when- a speeding street car Jerked a cable beneath his feet. The class orator, Leo McClaln, will deliver the customary challenge to the Junior class and Ed Dabney, Junior class representative, will accept and reply. Tho class prophecy will be read hy Miss Mildred Graham. HORACE MANN MEMIERS DISCUSS pile Is BtlU there, but It Is doomed. How do wo know? Why, by looking around and seeing what has been done to improvo tho looks of things. Look at tho sod, for Instance. Spring came more suddenly than ever on tho campus this year. One afternoon tho campus looked muddy and dirty, cold and wintry, without a sprig of green to lndlcato that It was April. Tho next morning all was green underfoot and bluo above. No need of signs which read, "Keep off tho Grass," for wasn't the grass' the pride of every student's heart? The days are more cheerful and Bunny, the professors and students friendlier and gayer, the birds sing more sweetly, all because of that sod. And so we say that the rest of the un sightly spectacles must and will go and our campus beautiful, be realized. "GREEN GRASS." Spenglers Art and PAGE 7 L. H. BELL THE COLLEGE Gift Shop New Supply A program consisting of discussions Uunivcrsity of Kentucky Die Stamped Stationery of For things Skull Caps Artistic and Beautiful Envelopes and Paper 50c. 60c. PHOTOGRAPHS Waterman's Fountain Pens or other articles EXCHANGES 1 Pro-feso- SENIORS NOTICE Hardee Field. Tho alarm quickly spread and when those nearest the building arrived on the scene, they found the Are confined to one room and in the walls and ceiling between the third and fourth floors. Defective wiring probably started the blaze. . $2.50 and up, Post Hay Hardware Co. 25c. university Booh Slope West Main Street Look for the Iron Dog 139 233 WEST SHORT Everybody EATS at UNCLE CHARLIES IMPORTANT why you should your course at Clays take All Round Man to Get Loving Cup Business College. (Sewanee Purple.) We not only nromise indi Some time about the first of the year vidual attention, but we give Reasons STUDENTS' FORUM 15c. FOR Main Seniors are advised to place their To the Faculty. orders for Invitations and rings at the (Asbury College News Era). University Book Store this week. Sam"Here's to the faculty, long may they ples of the invitations are at the book live, store in leather and paper. . Even as long as the lessons they give." Cards FALL AND WINTER PHARMACISTS Lexlniton, Ky. Both Phones 123 nd Lime . Fountain Pen Ink Athletic Goods Cadcn Drug Co. set of University of Kentucky well-know- n Misses Dorthea Murphy and Kath-erin- e Reed" gave several readings. Noe read his latest poem, "The Barnyard Kermis." Similar programs are planned by Horace Mann. quire 1 Blue and White Whether GREAT ARTISTS of artists was given at Horace Mann Literary Society ThursFire Destroys Dorm. day evening, April 17, Professor Noe (Sewanee Purple.) illustrated the talks by showing lan One of the biggest fires which has tern slides of pictures painted by ever been witnessed on the Mountain, these artists. destroyed the Hoffman dormitory on The program follows: Corolla Elizabeth Kimbrough Monday, April 5. It started in the Reynolds Mary Archer Bell northwest corner of the building and Homer Amanda Forkner was first noticed about 4:45 p. m. by Baphael Genevieve Rice those returning from track practice at FRUIT STORE We cater to college patrons FRUITS, CANDIES, CIGARS AND TOBACCOS No. 154 South Lfmestone Street the offer of Mr. it. SATISFIED Porter, an ardent Sewanee en' WE WANT COMMENDATION STUDENTS thusiast of Nashville, to give a loving Dear Editor: A school of one price. cup to the best man in the Members of the Senior court are University. We ask no one to enroll and make The Porter Cup, as it will glad to note that the advices given to probably be called, is to be awarded payment until they have visited the Freshmen and other underclassmen re- every year, and every matriculated school. garding paths across the grass plots BOOKKEEPING student is eligible for the prize. of the campus, have been effective in Be a good bookkeeper. The work is A committee has been appointed to "EXPERIENCE, THE GREAT TEACHER Mr. Phillips accepted A. W. d abolishing such unsightly paths. With few exceptions, which are now under the consideration of the court, there have been no offenders and the court desires to commend to underclassmen a continuance of their good behavior. It has been suggested that Freshmen fee urged to increase their standing with the court by exerting more care in the matter of paper and refuse thrown on the campus. The court is disposed to be favorably impressed r with any man or girl who is seen exercising a pride in the appearance of the campus. Every ruling of the court is intended for the good of those concerned and a strict compliance with these rulings obviates the necessity of punishment. SENIOR. first-yea- THE SOD Just one word about the campus. One is always ready to see and say what to be done in the way of improving things, but so often one overlooks and fails to praise the accomplishing of the tasks. Some weeks ago there was an editorial in the Kernel pointing out the fact that there was a very ugly coal pile behind the Education building, which ought to be done away with. The coal draw up a system or basis for awarding this cup. Altho the plans are not complete, and consequently not ready for publication, it is known that whoSewaever wins it will be an nee man from the standpoint of scholarship, athletic ability, personal and social bearing, leadership, etc. d learned in life are usually those gained by actual experience, often experience that has been very costly. But pleasant as well as profitable. We offer a splendid course in either the 20th Century or Tablet method of ad vanced business records. Every business has need of better accounting and new methods are constantly being that kind of knowledge usually sticks close to the ribs. introduced. By experience that all wool well tailored clothing is the SHORTHAND Accurate dictation spells the success of the secretarial or stenographic Engaged. has contact Personal applicant. (University of Mexico News.) taught us that the Gregg Method of Colored Mammy: "I wants to see Shorthand is the efficient method. We Mlstah Cummins." insure speed and accuracy. Office Boy: "Mr. Cummins is enTYPEWRITING gaged." The touch system has taken the Colored Mammy: "Well, de good place of the old, Blow, inefficient Lord knows Ah doan want to marry method of typing. Our instruction 'im, honey." will place you on a par with the best. REPUBLICAN NOTICE The most valuable lessons WE OFFER FREE In connection with above courses a ENGLISH, course in COMMERCIAL SPELLING and BUSINESS ARITHMETIC. WE COURT INVESTIGATION MRS. W. P. RAMSEY, President. MISS GLADYS REESE, V. President. The Republican Club of tha University will hold its initial meeting of the year Monday, April 27, at 3:30 p. m. in chapel. Officers for the rest of the year will be elected. Every student, both male and female who acCLAY'S BUSINESS cept the Republican principles of parCOLLEGE (Incorporated.) tisanship should attend. DAY and NIGHT CLASSES BURTON STAPP. WILL RICE AMON. PhM 4SS-Sit W. Main St. We Have Learned best and cheapest in the long run Hart. Schaffner & Marx only make clothing from fine all wool materials, sewn with silk and linen thread. Copyright 1919 Hart Schaffner & Marx WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION Kauf man Clothing LEXINGTON'S BETTER STORE Co.