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Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 6, January 1944

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

l Vol. Z2 Jilllllll`}'. lll-}-l No. 6 - W. D. Armstrong, Horticulturist, Editor 3 KENTECKY STATE H()R'l`I- amorglg iems mentioned was a large I l l A A over ea water storage tank. con- Q ('LLTLRAL MEFVI ING structed near the orchard of used materials that enabled quick tank The 8'ith annual meeting of the filling and the application of more Kentucky State Horticultural So- tanks of sprays per day. Mr. Frank { ciety, The College of Agriculture and Street of Henderson gave a fine dis- , Home Economics of the University cussion of the important work being of Kentucky cooperating, was held done by the National Apple Insti- in Paducah on December 16, 1943. tute and also led a discussion on im- 3 Officers elected to guide the growers portant peach production problems. during the coming year were Mr. Mr. Herman Yopp pointed out some ` Herman Yopp, Paducah, President, of the important work that is being ir and the three vice presidents. Mr. done and can be done by State Hor- ; Fred C. VanHoose of Johnson coun- ticultural Societies and pledged his . ty, representing eastern Kentucky; efforts to make the Kentucky society , Mr. William Fegenbush of Jefferson of great service to Kentucky fruit l county. representing central Ken- growers. Mr. W. W. Magill also re- _. tucky; and Dr-_ D_ W_ Doran of ported on some of the activities of L Graves county representing western the society as well as reporting a . Kentucky. Mr. W. W. Magill of number of the important items ._ Lexington, Kentucky, was re-clect- brought out in the sectional fruit ed secretary-treasurei; conference at St. Louis. Dr. P. O. " Q An interesting and informative Ritcher discussed the peach insect program was had covering many irn- work of 1943 consisting of curculio _lm(l portant wartime fruit problems control and Oriental fruit moth para- Olll_ _ Chief out-of-state speaker was Dr. SITO \\0l`k- along with th? Plam for ,0 ln , W. Kelley, Extension Horticultur- 1944; W- D- A1`m_$t1`0? dl$Cu$$d the lll l. i ist from Illinois, who brought an in- codlrng moth situation and_ spray ; spiring message urging fruit growers service work of 1943 along with the j to carry out the best known orchard Pl3$ {OY 1944- This Work will _b l practices, to plant the lylggt produc- continued along present lines with UVG V81`ities, to keep new young emphasis Oil giGat1` SG1`\1C and plantings coming On_ and tO Cllml- closer contact with growers. _ _ . nate old trees of low yielding. poor $OmG'h3t Slmllm meeting for vide- val-ltlcS_ Dl._ Kelley also polnted fruit growers in northern and central . lm' Out that retail peach purchasers for Kcillucky IS Planned Ou Janumy 21 ` V the home consumption preferred ni;nrn~C_ in connection with the farm and idcr- ti~ee-l~lpGn0d fruit and polntcd Out home convention at Lexington, Jan- \`**N'* . needed methods in handling these um? 2528- Lil`l>` more mature peaches. Professor A. J. llglll gltney reperted a fairly healthy con- '__ il if 1ion as ar as most orchard sup- _ , _ A.%*`l* . plies are concerned with the excep- Chi"] RAL STATES H0RTICUL' tion of baskets and new sprayers. TURAL CONFERENCE. ST. Growers were urged to place orders LOU]S_ M0__ DEQ 13.15 for spray materials, fertilizers, tools. A and spray repairs as early as pos- _ ~ anu sible. Mr. William Fegcnbush dis- A very important wartime horti- lieid: Cussed a number of wartime, labor cultural conference was held at St. and Saving practices that would enable Louis on December 13. 14. and 15. seeds f1`Uit growers to do their work more sponsored by the American POln0 itlleh. quickly and efficiently. Outstanding logical Society and a number of cen- ie ry BULLETIN OF THE KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION, LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY