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Image 4 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 6, January 1944

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

' f l { ports now top the list of foods sent SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT m abroad. ln the post-war period, Fi , fruits will be shipped from country By A. J. OLNEY _— in ` to countra, all gv? the globe,hbe- ,j ai cause o eman . ecause we ave · . . . - . it ei I learned how to handle export ship- ti with th? [gig? heed f?iai€luu_.‘{n€1 ei ments, and because we will have _],Ci_p1?i.?“§` io iacisomliag p““Y*'· . {L uio ships. No doubt, foreign coun- Eiciwi _°" TOP, _ C '“" to PW T is tries, too, will develop fruit produc- H Q Lil Bfcesdiiy fuppiicé dfld 7 tion. Thus, the picture grows. One f)°“"p“;i“§‘i Q me lc 1m* uy lull . can envision much change and the ETECC (QC] » _ _ _ . . j need for cooperative effort. We i fg .ilFu°{t‘O“ }_¤g—i¤d_¤¤g_.S¤_¤¤}¤~S Q must look beyond present difficulties O UU leclei _sp¥°’.y uldml ***1*: dlld °» I if we are to be ready for the future. ¤<¤¤¤t>m¤¤t fm hult g‘°“'°"$ ls Recently, there has been a feeling glmimg to Case $‘?m€“'lj‘“ti according . of discouragement among apple ia? 1a€pX;itS.*?F°_“?d ffom the “f“` 5 ‘ growers because the ideal of quality 09 . m1m*Uat_1°“_ end made °‘S' - we have Stiivan SO hard to buiid up SOC13tlOIliS._ The distribution of these 2 was not recognized in tha price commodities will continue to be con- . e ceiling. Certainly, it was irrational t¤·<>U¤d m Ord"` that they may be _Q tO aaa COnihinatiOni Utility and evan available to. those that need them. i Unclassified packs bringing prices at It ‘S Cmphaslzgd tha? g"O“'€*`$ Should g Q Oi. naai. that Ot tha hast gtadaa Yat, place their orders with dealers early, » { this is Smhathing that can ha OOi._ so that distributors can include them ( ractad it gi.Owai. Oi.ganiZatiOnS ara in making up their allotments,. i Sti.Ong €nOOgh tO dO SOin€thing ahOtit The manpower situationcontmues K S it. price earrings wui be in area ¤¤f3V<¤‘¤b1<= all ams the 12¤==·» whicii for all fruits during the coming year. géans {hea; dclays m Clclivery will .· i We must be organized to be repre- _Q Lmal Olhablcyimd tgtsys aY°°th°I` _ ` sented on the National Councils. The ia€ai;C€;,a“ y Bm y Ol Clmg is 1m‘ V i $$33 b2€$§if§L“i¤t$Y§§*c`é€L‘i“ti iiiiii ,,,,§§i;b5;`§55ii,¤;; ;g};$§;g,,§¤;;glg5i i T _ growers receive a fair price for their This is a nan, tOi.i.n Ot nitmgan tgitii _ PY0_d¤ei$- The h`uit_€i`O“`eY$, Orgehh izer. When first put out. it was found U? . Zetwn lh Kehh·*ckY is the Stew HOV that this fertilizer soon became wet ticultural Society. The society was and than h€OaniO OakOd and haiti , active in 1943, along with organiza- and difticuit to hahdiO_ ROOOnth._ ¥ tions f1`0m other Stéités, and WHS 1`G- ammonium nitrate has been manu- = sponsible, to a large degree, for a factured in pellet form, which has ` boost of about one cent a pound on largely overcome this difficulty. - the price the growers received for However, it seems best not to plan . their apples last year. The strength to store this fertilizer for long V of the Kentucky State Horticultural periods. Since ammonium nitrate S Society will depend entirely on the contains approximately twice as ` fruit growers, themselves, not only much nitrogen as 16% nitrate of by becoming members and helping Sodet, donlari halt fas tiiiuch will be ‘ to finance the ro ram, but b ac- heefe ·_ XCCD 01` We 3m0Uhi~ 1`U- tiva paiticipatign ii a tiiii andyttaa quired, it should beused the same as discussion of the problems that face other mtmgch {C"t}hZe*`$; _ _ the indnSti.y_ The interests Ot Sti.aW_ Most spray materials will be avail- berryi peach and appia growers ata able in adequate amounts. _Present at Stake. Theta is avery mason ta indiaiations that there will be as i believe that the welfare of the fruit mL;i° sad MSGNIFC this yea? 3.S lust arawara aaa ba aiataaiad if tha an perhaps. more, but this is not aaawara taka prampt aatiaa certain. lt is expected that copper Vary aaaa many athaa aiabiama stiilfate wilia be adequate, but sup- as important as price ceilings will be Ei.§;i.ih/éuia i$nigg?tta§%lCd’ and Call} forced upon us. Will we he organized The Supply Oi baskets and COn_ » Bhd ieady to hieet them· Prehlems tainers is limited by labor shortage of tFH¤SP01`t3t10h, meikehhg ehd and available materials, but it is Werld hhde must be meh The future hoped that the situation will improve 1S ln the h3h<3iS of the f1`U1t g1`0W@1'S· by harvest time. Second-hand con- · If theyiact wisely, the prospects for tainers should be saved and repaired. the fruit industry are bright indeed. Repair parts for most standard 4