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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 6, January 1944

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

' f l { ports now top the list of foods sent SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT m abroad. ln the post-war period, Fi , fruits will be shipped from country By A. J. OLNEY _ in ` to countra, all gv? the globe,hbe- ,j ai cause o eman . ecause we ave . . . - . it ei I learned how to handle export ship- ti with th? [gig? heed f?iailuu_.{n1 ei ments, and because we will have _],Ci_p1?i.?` io iacisomliag pY*' . {L uio ships. No doubt, foreign coun- Eiciwi _" TOP, _ C '" to PW T is tries, too, will develop fruit produc- H Q Lil Bfcesdiiy fuppiic dfld 7 tion. Thus, the picture grows. One f)"p;ii Q me lc 1m* uy lull . can envision much change and the ETECC (QC] _ _ _ . . j need for cooperative effort. We i fg .ilFu{tO }_gid_g_.S_}~S Q must look beyond present difficulties O UU leclei _sp.y uldml ***1*: dlld I if we are to be ready for the future. mt fm hult g'"$ ls Recently, there has been a feeling glmimg to Case $?m'ljti according . of discouragement among apple ia? 1apX;itS.*?F_?d ffom the f` 5 growers because the ideal of quality 09 . m1m*Uat_1_ end made S' - we have Stiivan SO hard to buiid up SOC13tlOIliS._ The distribution of these 2 was not recognized in tha price commodities will continue to be con- . e ceiling. Certainly, it was irrational t<>Ud m Ord"` that they may be _Q tO aaa COnihinatiOni Utility and evan available to. those that need them. i Unclassified packs bringing prices at It S Cmphaslzgd tha? g"O'*`$ Should g Q Oi. naai. that Ot tha hast gtadaa Yat, place their orders with dealers early, { this is Smhathing that can ha OOi._ so that distributors can include them ( ractad it gi.Owai. Oi.ganiZatiOnS ara in making up their allotments,. i Sti.Ong nOOgh tO dO SOinthing ahOtit The manpower situationcontmues K S it. price earrings wui be in area f3V