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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 6, January 1944

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

iT makes of machinery are available. started and the discharge from the Frequently, an old outfit can be put spray rod allowed to flow back into in good condition if the worn parts the tank under full pressure. Next, . are replaced. Although some in- pour in slowly 6 gallons of spray oil, and crease in the Iamohint of new_mSchg}n alilnd {purging intil thorouggily fmlgiited. U ary manu ac ure is promise , c ex, a more poun s o ue- xi . fullest possible use of old equipment stone, 2 pounds of hydrated lime and and ~ is essential. water to make 200 gallons of 4-4-100 V.,] bordeaux plus 3 per cent oil. Apply H ___ at once. MN Dirmant sprays should be applied .. - , ,_ on ays warm enough for the spray DORMAIEF S?RA\5 AI to dry fairly quickly. Temperatures ling tj PLLS AND PEACHILS qf 45* hF. lar above, are preferred. . ' _ - , are s ou be taken to hit every Wal B) P` O' RITCHIR d limb and twig and wet them thor- 85- ,. Department of Entomo ogy an Ougmy On all SidS_ iese y Botany ton- i .__ be ` . . . t Now is the time for fruit growers ,= = Y _ to start thinking about dormant NIC0FrIg1l!EC)l;)}}A"}(?`HEDULES H.] , ; sprays so they can be ready to spray _ TOTH h ; when a good day comes along. Too CONTROL E often the dormant sprays are put oii". mes Q growth starts and it is too late to BY P- O- RITCHER . spray. _ . QU 8PP]$ the dmit SPYHX IS In recent years the U. S. codling thc,. mainly {O! UIQ Comm] Pi Scl moth laboratory at Vincennes, Indi- im_ Whew there ls detlfgcr Of mJm`Y bg ana, under the leadership of Mr. L. YOSY aPh1$ '3tUlS C*? be edd? F. Steiner, has developed and per- mm. `V IO the Scale Spray _tO kill uleraphls fected several nicotine-bentonite mtg ; ggS The best dm?m_tlSP{>_9nf spray schedules for the control of ,,.m_ } ;15tS(<; 3tgOi_{gd O;%;;HSiO;1pl*3_ codling moth. These schedules give d { . _ . . control equal to that obtained with Q5; _ Cglxyalglltlg C$Tf(;;i)1falvV;1tlB1?L,}} an intensive lead arsenate spray pro- myd Q S10 _ Ifm h._ ggd _) d f ;_DN gram, such as that recommended by mba $$1%/[QH 3303 2 ;)1PO gagons Oi gte Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky amp __ ,. _ _ V __ xperiment Stations. V I ilg`e$0` 32?f$}`aiC$$$lL"?, Adnmesss Of mcoms me 1-rad una . _1 p t_ 1 j _ 1. .d 1.m u1fu_ arsenate schedules are (1) reduction plti 2225 3t;m$%i iiaii0ii0ei i Coding mm SgS <=> comet of IONK i' with water to make ioo gallons of leaf hqppers and plant llc? (3) bet- [,.8,;, S ra 7 ter foliage, (4) larger fruit, and (5) as _ pOg' ] U d mam mv iq no poisonous residues at harvest, 3 ol {0,. thi%i,}ii`l O}CS;,1_]OSc $5513 ima Disadvantages of nicotine oveinlead 1 b _ _ _ , ,_ arsenate schedules are (I) higher t if i$?0ii-0g$EiiJiFS23tiifi; "Ell~ <>St <2> PGOM *s>1 of rh was cent oil in 3 4-4400 baideaux mix- we <3> mb1ht> with me- ture HITIC qulful. at tho i,Cl`l3lS l`lGCGSSZ`tl`y fOl`` l`Ot COI]- ,.1_ . ` `. 2 ' .c ._ trol. gsceiit _ lnlgllgg; zlfggiiguicyl lpple gpm} Fixed nicotine spray schedules are ,9 as Growers wishing to prcpam their being used successfully by several IHSL own oil emulsions will find their '$tBm Kentucky apple g1`We`Sm not choice Of Gmulsmms ,.CSt,.,ctCd_ Since the Henderson and Paducah areas. ~pper both calcium caseinate and soybean Thcy hfl"_ found mst wher? 9}1gs SUP- flour are unobtainable. One method meth db Pittmg 2 m61fl$l_ it? ?1il is to use bordeaux mixture as the UICY could C fmge O 3 AG limi? me emulsifier as in standard practice for Sclmdule and, Show a good pm} On CON- preparing the oil-boydeaux peach their crops in spite of the higher rtage Spray. This is done by starting the mmal COS} _ _ it is agitator with about 25 ggllgng of Two nicotine-bentonite schedules lrove water in a 200-gallon sprayer tank {WG Si\ m Table L S?hdl A COI]- and adding 5 pounds gf powdered is for problem orchards with severe tired. bluestone and 6 pounds of cliemical eodling moth infestations. Schedule idard hydrated spray lime. The pump is B is for orchards with light to mod- 5 . i . :, ra