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28 > Page 28 of Address delivered at the anniversary celebration of the birth of Spurzheim : and the organization of the Boston Phrenological Society, January 1, 1838 / by Elisha Bartlett.

28 us. They are all pertinent to our argument. They have all received new elucidation, new value, and new interest from Phrenology, and they thus tend, in their turn, to establish and confirm its truth. But the hour, which custom and courtesy have assigned to lectures and addresses like the present, has, a good while ago, expired. GENTLEMEN OF THE BOSTON PHRENOLOGICAL SOCIETY,- I should disappoint, I am sure, your feelings, and I should do wrong to my own, were I now to close this Address, in any other than a few words of allusion to the departed sage and philosopher, the anniversary of whose birth we this night com- memorate. I am not here to relate the incidents of his life. I am not here to delineate his lofty and harmonious character. It was not given to me to be one of that favored company, that "fit audience, though few," who here drank in the eloquent lessons of truth and wisdom, and good wvill to men, which fell from his living lips. But, in common with you, did I hail his arrival on our shores with no ordinary emotions of gratification and delight;-in common with you, did I feel as though a friend had been laid in the grave. when I heard of his sudden death. Worthy was his life of that divine philosophy whose disciple and expositor he was. Worthily did he fulfil the great mission upon which he came,-to reveal to humanity its true nature,-to vindicate its true nobleness,-to clear away its blindness,-to rebuke its waywardness and folly,-to teach it its best good,-to call it to its highest happiness,-to reclaim it from its wanderings,-to lead it into paths of pleasantness and peace,-to enlighten it, to elevate, and adorn. Single-hearted seeker after truth,-Lover of all human excellence and good,- Compassionate mourner over all human perversity and ill,- Friend and benefactor of men,-Peace be to thy ashes! They have spread a new and perpetual sanctity over that beautiful place of the dead, where they rest.