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12 > Image 12 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 79, no. 3, Fall 2008

Part of Kentucky alumnus

HK B e at UK Experts On lndran Drgrtrzatron Project Team Librarians and scholars from the University of Kentucky and , 2 it ~ V V - r the International Dunhuang Project at The British Library A , t Q g visited Imphal, the capital ofthe state of Manipur in northeast . e n b V i, ee India, to study the states endangered manuscripts, The fact- __ , I \ M Y" ec finding team, which included three UK experts, visited on be- l l half ofa consortium working on the DigitizeManipur project, ` ` ` ,.,., i ,, L H The objective is to survey, examine and assess ancient and his- we tt 4 h e . toric manuscripts, and to prepare to undertake their digitiza- ;_ l _;-Q? W`? V t jfexg`., tion for their preservation, conservation and study, VW :*.~ eww; 7 jg tj E The UK experts visiting as part ofthe team were Evelyn Q T,:MfLi,;.3.j ei Knight, director ofthe UK Appalachian Center; Mary Moli- ,jTl>*T naro, director of UK Libraries Preservation and Digital Pro- _j_ li grams; and Rebecca Ryder, head of UK Libraries Preservation l M y Services. 5 Chefs Earn Bronze Chellgren Center Names In Iron Chef Contest Endowed Professors A team of UK chefs won a bronze medal in an American Culi- UK professors ]onathan Golding and Bill Rayens have been nary Federation-sanctioned competition during the 14th Annual named Chellgren Endowed Professors, in affiliation with the Chef Culinary Conference recently hosted at the University of Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence, These professor- Massachusetts-Amherst, The UK Dining Services team consisted ships are tenable for three-year, nonrenewable terms, during which of, left to right, Chef Mark Henson of Blazer Hall, Chef Mike the Chellgren Professors will work on projects that are intended Betts of Commons Market, Chef Saint ]errod Eiggs of Catering to promote excellence in teaching and learning at UK, and Executive Chef Scott Kohn, ]onathan Golding, professor in the Department of Psychology, All ofthe 15 participating university teams were required to pre- is a specialist in memory processes (most notably intentional for- pare a three-course menu it 5 NE; _ ii; ._ getting) and in psychology and law (most notably jury decision- (an appetizer, entree t i making), Bill Rayens, professor in the Department of Statistics, and dessert), UKs team V _ focuses his research on the development and deployment of won with a menu that ~ ( te ` , H structure seekin multivariate paradi ms, included the appetizer ` V ._l e _, _ g g seafood allet, an- ` P ll, in seared dgck breast with `rl , . V _,V Qi Unlverslty Press Sthethhlhs H6 as tht 61* jj,j,iji el LaUI`\ChS Podcast Series llee and a Ntphlthh ht ` en University Press of Kentucky (UPK) has launched the Dark- peacnecl apples and ` Horse Podcast Series, a new video podcast series that features in- peals l-el clessele depth interviews from authors of books published by the press, Viewers now have the chance to hear scholars from such Helds as Ash la nd l Spea rs Law PrfSSr ,i,i,,,,i,,, popular Hlm and mg while Rhhttt G Sthwththt it tht httt hthhhd htt$Pttt Dhtht gaining insight into the writers side Orthe publishing process guished Research Professor for the UK College ofLaw, His Hve- from A Creative) alternative medium, Year term began lull l Seleellen eleeellwemm Was based hh a The Hrst podcast ofthe series features author Thomas R, Lindlof history of excellence in scholarly achievement and his promise of discussing his most recent Work) <7_[0yb/WOOL! Umm, Siege', Mdytin excellence th scnelanY acnlevenlencs clnnng hh hvt Years ln the Scorsese, the Religious Righz uml the Culture VWzrs. Lindlof is a Pthttsshtshht Ht has taught at tht Chhtgt ht haw Shttt mi th- teieeemmunieaeem professor at the seheei eryeumaiism and cnslng en clvn Plececlnle> censncnnenal law and clvll ngnts Telecommunications in the University of Kentucky College of The professorship is named for Richard W Spears, UK Law 6l Communications and Information Studies, who joined Ashland in 1964 and rose to senior vice president, He promoted education in Kentucky and established student scholar- & Visit Wwwokentuckypressocom ship, He died in 2007, Mllilillxtlfl and Select Media Center. }} 10 Fall 2008