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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 79, no. 3, Fall 2008

Part of Kentucky alumnus

No Need For The OI T in ing Cap. This Is A No-Brainer. Every year UK Alumni Association members receive four issues of KentuckyAIumni magazine, an excellent way to stay in touch with the university and former classmates. lVlmbY$i Not a member? We thank you very much for your support and are sending you this larger Join the UK Alumni Assggjgtjgn gud rggp yggpmund benefits! rim um; STi;iKr";iwA@m*Z megeeje it }S duesjrer Youll receive a piece amt - iemaray ximg magazine mg mem Us S You O me S t S UK A umm ASSOCP in your home four times a year. lts full of university ation to offer worthwhile programs for clubs, student news, sports, alumni features, nostalgia, and Class senO1atsntPs* and Penents end setvtees notes just like in this complimentary 2008 fall issue Use your membership card to obtain discounts at weve sent you. P atttetPattng Pnstnesses atnnnd tne eOnnttY TM Your support this year will help to make our cur- Whether Ynn need an tntetstate mevmg eOnaPanY rent programs even better while also exploring Ot a tlniek Pizza in LeXingtOn Fer a nst Ot new programs and services. Student scholar- P1l$iiPl$ig HUH$ Visit W WWi