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Image 3 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 79, no. 3, Fall 2008

Part of Kentucky alumnus

No Need For The OI T in ing Cap. This Is A No-Brainer. Every year UK Alumni Association members receive four issues of KentuckyAIumni magazine, an excellent way to stay in touch with the university and former classmates. lVl€mb€Y$i Not a member? We thank you very much for your support and are sending you this larger Join the UK Alumni Assggjgtjgn gud rggp yggpmund benefits! rim um; ¤STi;¤iKr"¤;¤iwA@m*Z megeeje it }S duesjrer You’ll receive a piece amt - iemaray ximg magazine mg mem Us S You O me S t S UK A umm ASSOCP — in your home four times a year. lt’s full of university ation to offer worthwhile programs for clubs, student news, sports, alumni features, nostalgia, and Class senO1atsntPs* and Penents end setvtees notes just like in this complimentary 2008 fall issue Use your membership card to obtain discounts at we’ve sent you. P atttetPattng Pnstnesses atnnnd tne eOnnttY» TM Your support this year will help to make our cur- Whether Ynn need an tntetstate mevmg eOnaPanY rent programs even better while also exploring Ot a tlniek Pizza in LeXingtOn· Fer a nst Ot new programs and services. Student scholar- P¤1‘l$i€iP¤l$i¤g HUH$» Visit W WW·¤i<¤i¤m¤i·¤€¥· I ships, class reunions, club service projects, do- Wgm; {O gather with Wildcgm gr; your lgggl Water. mestic and international tours, career counseling ing hole and enjoy a televised football or basketball — the list goes on. . . I game? Cheek out Wwwmalummnet for last mmute Visit to locate a club near you. Game Watch Parties with all the fixings and fanfare. lf We also can help you start a new club now! Whether you’re a homebody or on a tight schedule, stay in touch on- you’re a recent graduate in a new city looking for UK friends line with former classmates by building your friends network on our or a more ‘seasoned’ grad nearing retirement, the UK Alumni WiredCats social/ professional network. Association has many opportunities to enrich your life. The mailing label on this issue of KentuckyAIumni magazine tells you your membership status in the UK Alumni Association. Ifyou're not enrolled, show your support now for your alma matter and join today! Complete this form and return by Oct. 1, 2008, and you'|| receive A FREE GIFT for your car — a UK Alumni license plate frame. Orjoin online at www.uka|, keyword:join or call 859-257-8905/1-800-269-ALUM by Oct.1 to receive your license frame. UK Alumni Association Member Application Dug5 Opti°n5 (Please ghggk png) Member #1 Information Member #2 Information (forjolntmembershlp) Annual Dues e?7?77777777 ff777777777r D Student/Recent Grad Smglee $20 Frm. Middle. (Maiden) Last rrrtt Middle, (Maiden) Last EI Student/Recent Grad Joint* - $25 E,;§)))))))))7 @§)))))))))7 EI Single Membership - $40 _))))))))))_ _))))))))))_ D Mm Membershw $45 City, State, zip City, srarezip * Available only ra current UK students and UK graduates ’))))))))))* *))))))))))’ who completed their nm urdegree within the lair thm # thm # _""y°“" QEQYYYYYYYY7 ?a@§77777777' Life Dues EI Single Life Membership (one payment)- $700 @i))))))))* @)))))))))i EI Joint Life Membership (one payment)- $825 —))))))))))* *)==)))))))» Degree Year(x) Degree Year(x) (ifapplicable) EI Single Life Membership Payment Plan (Pay$l60 i))))))))))* *))))))))))i now and you will be billedS i60 annualnr for the Degree(:) Degree(x) (if applicable) next four consecutlveyears.) - $800 D J Lf M b h P PI (P $180 $_)))Tota| Amount Acct #: 7777777777 oint ie em ers ip ayment an ay r r r _ HOW andyou Wmbe bmedslgo annuaml {ofthe El Check (/Vlakepayable t0 the UKAlumniA::0ciati0n.) EXp_ Date _))))))))_ next four consecutlveyears.) - $900 ElVisa Eli)/lasterCard ClAmerican Express ElDiscover CW (3 dylf # OH back 0fCGrd)! 7777 _ Return tm Signature: 777777777 A FSKA 400 Rose Street, King Alumni House, Lexington, KY 40506-01 1 9