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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 79, no. 3, Fall 2008

Part of Kentucky alumnus

/ T ` I I I J Fall 2008 Volume 79 Number 3 [_ UIIIILU, . , UK Trivia Trek u Bmw Cwy 81 TWTT lfgxt T0 fm ElCT Think you know the history of UK? Test your knowledge and ummm amp 4 bmldmgm the heart {New IM/e d _ h h gbl ,, h h _ Photo: Stgyg Hof/cstgin CICIHIIHC OW HILIC UC IUHS il IOLIg YOLII VCIHS, Brian Cury: Keeping A Watchful Eye Threugh The Lens Brian Curys company, EarthCam Inc., is a leading A new eefiee-eebie bfmk C9~PmYS the {Our _ j ) y _ provider ofWebcam neennningy, bringing ennne eeeeeee ee ehe beeuefel UK eempuee ee well = eie;g;gig_,e,, locations to your desktop, as well as providing security ee 1magS ef th_ma}SuC ThOYOughbYd m ~T,in_i_ggni$ii le" eninnnns nn corporations end eines, By Beverly Bell Keeky eeeeemgeweedeeful keepeeke , T V Jamal Mashburn Scores In Transition _ I _ _ ]amal Monster Mash Mashburn was ready for retirement, _ T i T T l ` joining ESPN and working as a studio analyst for NBA T , coverage, By Kelli Elam _, Generations Of Care jg? _ ( T I `~ The Nitz family has provided physical therapy E _ if 2 _ rehabilitation to patients since 1954, and the legacy ge;) ill continues with Melinda Mindy Nitz, a 2008 UK graduate, By Allison Horseman N jjfji (Tg T g.. Profiles In Blue: Janie Olmstead g E TT For over 30 years, Images Model 8c Talent ~ . Agency has helped individuals gain f im confidence and begin careers in the " T A gl X modeling profession, , , `TTTT ET K Tn; TT TT~` ;T_ T . T T T Tl Depa rtments T TF Opening Remarks Tw , Presidential Conversation Capital Campaign UK Beat Research Open Door www.uka| 3