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61 > Image 61 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 79, no. 3, Fall 2008

Part of Kentucky alumnus

, DI sl ' O ' K . "' " . "s W QN., an. A I $L~,;. 45 _, Zh _ ay. . ~-.r K %*'"'`l " ' . rw ....- 5;+* - " .~._,,; rl l ~" ._ _ _ - x m prnf .{' ` ` "r _ ,*4 l . T _ . ' 0 i .1 J _ I ,v...,_ iI ` I . * \ 3 j *' ) 1 Q ? s I f Your cm In fh g` . ' j'. ,, . s D]/IIII GIG I _ > ' Q V . A ' _ -354,% , r , vHD E=""-HEHD E E=?rHIID @2;/ . L Q p.. * Y, Q ~ to I as- } Q _ FOXE {MD Q) "'SE @@ ' \ 4 ~ \~ . i n RQ K = K Q, zsnaasun USG H., ` . HD) QIII I l L A . I "' HD *a""'$ ""a*' . Up to 150 by end ofthe year A I A I " ' I 4 Packages Starting at Tu rb0HD exclusive feature set: All channels delivered in HD 1 080p VOD - Same as Blu-Ray Disc quality Best picture for any TV Multi-room viewing capability mm, Best HD DVR Available - Better than TiVo cl? (cnei.c0m review 211s/ma) FEB 2 CALL TODAY AN D ASK HOW TO GET: $50 Credit on Your First Bill FREE IIBIHI1andSII1llD for 3 months jj 1 .888.I.WONT.MISS ; 4 9 B E B E 4 5 vvvvvv.cllshnelvv0rl<.c0m/cats N E T W O R Ke tccal channels and Regicnal Spcrts Netwnrks [in standard and high deliniticn] available in select markets, and subiect tu additiunal munthly charges. HD prugrammlng will be ccnverled tn standard definiticn when viewed nn nun-HD TVs. All prices, packages and prugrammlng subiect tn change wilhnut nutice. Lucal and state sales taxes may apply. Hardware and prugrammlng suld separately. All DISH Netwurk prugrammlng, and any uther services that are prnvided, are subject tn the terms and cunditinns nf the prumntinnal agreement and Residential Custumer Agreement, available at www.dishnetwurk.cum nr upnn request. Lucal channels packages by satellite are nnly available tu custumers whu reside in the specilied lncal Designated Market Area (DMA]. lncal channels may require an additiunal dish antenna Irnm DISH Netwurk, installed lree nf any charges with subscriptinn In lncal channels at time nf initial installatinn. Signilicant restrietinns apply tu DISH Netwurk hardware and prugrammlng availability, and Inr all ullers. A $5.llB per munth DISH Netwurk DVR Service lee will be charged lnr each DVR receiver. HD prugrammlng requires HD receiver and HD televisinn lsuld separately). llustumer must subscribe tn qualifying HD prugrammlng nr a $7.DOImn. HD Enabling lee will apply. Sncial Security Numbers are used In nbtain credit scares and will nnt be released In third parties except Iur verilicatinn and cnllectinn purpnses nnly nr if required by gnvernmental authnrities. ESPN and ESPN2 prugrammlng subiect tu change and hlacknut restrictinns, and is licensed separately lor residential and cnmmercial use. Snme games telecast Incally may alsn be included in ESPN packages. FDX Spnrts Netwnrks prugrammlng suhiect tu hlacknut restrictinns and licensed lnr residential use nnly. See ynur DISH Netwurk Retailer, DISH Netwurk prnduct literature nr the DISH Netwurk website at www.dishnetwnrk.cnm Inr cnmplete details and restrictinns. All service marks and trademarks belung tn their respective nwners. HIiD and HRD HD"' are service marks nl Hume Ilux Dllice, Inc. Starz and related channels and service marks are the prnperty nl Starz Entertainment, LLIZ. ZUDB, DISH Netwurk L.L.I}. All rights reserved.