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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 79, no. 3, Fall 2008

Part of Kentucky alumnus

2 Opening Remarks Whats Your Story? ln the weeks before a new academic year begins, alumni clubs around the country host send-off parties for students in their area that are headed to UK. 1ts a great opportunity for the new stu- dents to get last minute questions answered by staff from the OH:1ce of Admission and meet with fellow students who have some good experience to pass on. Of course, there is always an alumni story or two to be heard. Our cover story about Brian Cury who has cameras around the world, led us to the thought of collecting some snapshots of our own from you. In this issue on page 20, we hope to stir up a bit of nostalgia when you look at some ofthe beautiful pictures from the latest book about UK, SGGb|UG. Theres also a fun quiz about UK on pages 18 and 19. Wh3C,S YOUI story? For SIZ3.1`IZ1`SZ With a new school year underway, what advice do you wish someone had given you as a freshman? What ten things would you tell a student they must do while at UK? Study more and party less; sit on the lap of the statue of UKs Hrst president,]ames W Patterson; climb the wall in the johnson Center; participate in DanceBlue; go to ball games while you can get good, cheap seats? When you recall your days at UK, what do you see? The wide stairway in]ewell Hall leading up to the dorm rooms; the King Library stacks; the Memorial Hall tower; carrot cake from the UK Student Center; the cannon in front ofthe Main Building? When you recall UK who do you see? For me it is journalism professors Bruce Wesley, ].A. McCauley, ]ack Wild and Niel Plummer along with others like Nicholas Pisacano, Ben Black and Thomas D. Clark. Why did you choose to come to UK? Reputation of a particular professor in your major; a parent or family member who came here; your best friend was coming here; the price was right; the distance from home was right; you received hnancial aid; the color, Kentucky blue, looks good on you? Send your favorites to me at the UK Alumni Association, King Alumni House, Lexington, KY 40506 or email Send a copy of a photo or two as well for the alumni archives. We will use a few in an upcoming Kentucky Alumni magazine. Check out Homecoming (for everyonel), the Golden Wildcat Society Reunion (inducting the Class of 1958), and a 1968 40th year reunion. See page 33 or get information online at Let us welcome you home this year! b I if S G G U G. ]%reve2c www.uka| 5 ((