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7 > Page 7 of Amendments to the state election laws of Kentucky .

this act, and at least fifteen (15) (lays before the day of the next ensuing election the Secretary of State shall furnish to the various County Court Clerks the paper upon which the ballots shall be printed, which shall be of the quality as herein provided, and each county shall be furnished 50 per cent. nore ballots than were cast in the respective counties at the last preceding State election. Provided, however: That the clerks of the various counties of the State shall furnish the paper of the kind and weight as herein provided for the ballots in the year 1900, if the Sec- retary of State does not furnish same twelve (12) days before the day of the next ensuing election. Said clerk shall be subject to the same penalties prescribed for failure to print on paper furnished by the Secretary of State if he fails to have ballots printed on the kind and qual- ity of paper as set out herein. PENALTIES. Sec. 6. If any County Court Clerk shall refuse or fail to have ballots, which are herein required to be printed on paper furnished by the Secretary of State, printed upon paper so fur- nished by said Secretary, he shall be fined five hundred dol- lars, or imprisoned in the county jail for six months, or both so fined and imprisoned. Sec. 7. If any election'officer at any precinct shall refuse to permit any challenger or inspector of any regular political party having ticket to be voted for at the election, who has been dulv appointed and presents a certificate thereof duly at- tested, to perform his duties as challenger or inspector, as the case may be, he shall be fined not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars. Sec. 8. The officer who furnishes the ballots to the election officers of the precincts shall, at the time he delivers said bal- lots, furnish to the election officers aforesaid a number of copies of the following oath, equal to 5 per cent. of the ballots furnished said precinct, which shall be printed on paper suit- able for writing with ink, to-wit: "State of Kentucky, County of ...................... ss.: "I do solemnly swear that I am of the age of not less than 7