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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 28, 1915

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL 4t Hard Times. The Kentucky Kernel . (Formerly The Idea). Published every Thursday throughout tho College year by the student body of the State University of Kentucky, for the benefit of the stu dents, alumni nnd faculty or tne institution. Let's have fifteen For Arabella. She never says: Their team Is yellow. . The greatest word I ever heard, I'll tell without an animus. Kentucky's lads will brook no fads-W- e surely love "magnanimous." THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Is the official newspaper of the University.! It Is Issued with the view of furnishing to Its subscribers all the college nowf of Kentucky, together with a digest of Items of Interest concerning tho unl ( J verities of other States and Canada. , lUMCRIPTION. ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. Entered at Lexington Postofflco as second-clasEDITORIAL STAFF. rmitttniM nrttiM Bart N. Peak Miss Anita Crabbe William Shlnnlck MtM Rebecca Smith McClarty Harbison J. R. Marsh J. T. Oooch Harry Melton S. J. Caudill McConnell Miss Elsie Heller James J Batill Woods FIVE CENTS PER COP mall matter. s Helpl Help!! The woods are turning brown. The leaves are falling down. It breaks my heart to see them go I love their fragrant beauties so. ttniTnTl.TN.niTITM Assistant Editor,' Managing iuaitor; "Squirrel Food" "Coed"Itor Athletic EdltoExchange Edlto' Locals and Law Miss K. Mitchell. .. .Home Economic Mechanical Herbert Graham Fraternities Mining Miss Anna L. Whltworth. . . .Sororitiel Agriculture Miss Elizabeth Duncan Patt. Ha Education REPORTERS. M. C. Finiho, W. T. Cottingham H.' J. Evans Miss Mildred Taylor. Business Manikgp W. J. Harris The Spirit's Return. Regardless of the fact that Kentucky outplayed her opponents in t hre out of four quarters and should have won by at least one touchdown, the re 8 Just cause for rejoicing over the 7 - 7 tie score with the mighty Sewi ane "Tigers" on Stoll Field last Saturday. It is an undisputed fact that Sewanee has one of the best teams in an Auburn also won from Florida South. She defeated Florida feated 'Mississippi A. and M. 26-- according to which "dope" Sewanee Ui on points better than point better than Auburn, and Kentucky Is twenty-sevepoints better than Transylvania. A. and M., and twenty-seveA greater cause for rejoicing, we believe, is the return of spirit, which was manifested at Saturday's game. Everybody seemel full of "pep." The chapel hour rally on Friday was one of the most ei- e rally on Stoll Field, thuslastic ever Iheld on the campus. The evening, was a pronounced success. Speeches were made; yells wefe day s in a dan e given; and to cap the climax, President Barker led the around the fire. No less than the students did the faculty and alumni show the spirt, one member of the faculty and one prominent alumnus going so far as o , make known their support in a substantial way. But the big test came Saturday, when, after the end of the first half Sewanee had seven points and Kentucky had been unable to score. Itjwas met gloriously. Instead of giving up to despair and gloom, the State "rcbters" poured out upon the field and executed a giant snake-dancshown? the battle-wor"Wildcats" that the students were still behind them a d believed in their ultimate victory. During the whole game the Kentucky iheers rolled across the field continually. IThere is no denying that this enthusiasm and support were a big factor in the second half. Its importance ca; hardIn the "Wildcats'" come-bacly be underestimated. s Sewanee players from t e field The act of carrying the marked a new era in Kentucky athletic sportsmanship and received fa rorable comment which will not only fructify locally, ibut will carry our fame ar into the South, helping greatly to establish a new and higher plane of j Nation-shiwith rival teams. State is to be congratulated upon this return of spirit. It mean much, not only as it affects us who are here, but as it affects the thousand of out siders who each year form their opinions of our University. 0 n n Ker-tuck- y old-tim- e bon-flr- n k 1 almost-victoriou- p ' i match his unbroken spirit. of "Doc" because SQUIRREL FOOD Ye speak he was lie only member of the team who wasjinjursd, and there can be no doubt tie other members of the team were just as The Kentucky Colonel Says: full of courage as he was ai fought Some of ouah college students love just as hard for Kentucky! honor. peace and quiet, suh. The othahs are All hail the team; all hail (he Blue afflicted with love, suh. and White, and all hail its chivalrous supporters! We take the liberty to be serious in this column for once, that we may congratulate the football team and the student body in general for .their excellent spirit and gentlemanly conThe old "pep" duct last Saturday. was in evidence, our warriors fought all the harder for the help they received from the stands, and at the battle, Kentucky close of an showed that she was as magnamimous to her foes who are friends as well as she was to her own sons. Our hats are df to you. Norbert Welner, a nlnetei-yea'r-olprofessor in Harvard Univ rslty, d is said to be the youngest c lege pro- fessor in the world. But the wurst Is yet to pme. iMrs. Microbe: It would be advisable to have allies announcing the game thrown on the screens at the local motion picture houses. When Mr. Townes called on Mn Treacy In order to make the arrangements to have this done at the Colonial Theater, Mr. Treacy wae not only glad to do this, but offered to run the slides free of charge, in appreciation of the large amount of business which he receives from the students. STUDENTS' FORUM Q. A. H., '16. No use to try to save anything this year, the children just must have new shoes." The Ornrey Pup. (Apologies to Luke McLuke.) An ornrey pup is Henry Bunn; Our Answer Department. He "rounds" an awful lot. Our little son runs away and goes He'd like to be a German gun, to the nickel shows. How can w And all the time be shot. stop this? Fond Parents. Give him a dime and let him go to An ornrey pup is Jacob Dubb; t the shows. He's not half civilized. He wants to be a student club How can I remove ink stains from And be well organized. a silk waist? Clarice. Take a sharp pair of scissors and An ornrey pup is Johnny Benz carefully trim them out. Let's e end him to the coppers. He goes around and tells his friends My husband snores terribly. What He's always full of poppers. can I do to remedy this? Distressed. Administer him a generous dose of As Walt Would Write It. laudanum upon retiring. Once I saw within a student's room A pack of cards, some soiled My hairs persist in falling out clothes, a book or two, Please suggest a cure. Ignatz. A "feed" from home, a pair of holy Possibly they are stubborn. If so sox, there is no remedy. Upon the mantlepiece, all quite close together. My husband stays out until 2 a.m. The Mastodonic Baby. Of all various features of the paand always offers as his excuse that he has been to the club. How can I rade one attracting most attention was several babies which were' pushed in break him of this? Patient Wife. baby carriages by their mothers and Keep a club at home. "Votes for. heralded by banners, Women." A young man I do not like annoys One baby wheeled by its mother, ocme with proposals. What, can I do to cupied an open space half a block make him angry? Popular Pauline. long. It was wildly cheered. LexingMarry him. ton Herald. ten-cen- "WHAT IS SACRED?" . With toward no one and with all due respect to the dead Osiris, the Supreme Brahma and the religion of every one, we wish to put this simple question, "What is, or what constitutes sacredness?" We are informed that our old assembly hall, heretofore used for any and all student convocations, ought not, or must not be used for football rallies; that the chapel should be held more "sacred." Perhaps it Is through our own inability that we do not understand why the four walls of the above, said hall are any more "sacred" than our laboratories and but we are honest If rallies are or undesirable, why hold them any place? If a building Is "sacred" just whom should be permitted to wander therein lest they pollute it? class-room- "non-sacre- , there a co itw, striae on our cam- pus "sacred' 'to the minds and hearts of all? Again we say' frankly that we may have the wrong conception, but our comment means to be honest and our intentions the best and we hope not to offend even the most sensitive. In a State University we would desig" nate our "sacred" and student functions and in so doing we would consult dame reason and have due consideration for the likes and dislikes, faiths and beliefs of the children of humanity. A SON OF ADAM. "non-sacred- Our Weakly Novelette. For hygienic reasons the Dominican t has been recomtmended as a substitute for the kiss. News item. "Give me just one little he pleaded passionoitly with salt drops brimming his eyelids. FIVE YEARS AGO (From the Files of The Idea.) . The shivery moonlight trickled through the tall timber as Lucky? she turned her thoroughly disinfected Old Adam, was (a lucky hound, cheek toward the stars, and Percival With rage he ne'er was dizzy; Octeher 27, 1910. eagerly planted a perfervid pat-pa-t He never used a phone and found upon ' Kentucky State defeats Tulane, 10 Its sanitary surface. The doggone line was busy. to 3, in a loosely-playe- d game. TuSo they were married and lived Luke McLuke. lane uncorks a triple forward pass for ever after till she him with a chair rung early one morning. 40 yards gain. Rut Cain was luckiest of men On Monday following the defeat of ; r FINIS. In all that. ancient land; North Carolina, and the big parade, He never was caught far from home the Lexington City Council meets and THE RIGHT SPIRIT. Without his favorite brand. In- - striking contrast to the recent passes an ordinance making it unlawaction of a more or less prominent ful for college yells to be given on a ' merchant who displayed a spirit of public street. Great indignation. Mess Hall Manners. The faculty and the trustees of the active hostility to all things connectestate Hall opens at twelve-thirtevery day for dinner. About five min- ed with the University was the spirit University entertain the student body shown by Mr. B. j. in nonor of the fortieth anniversary utes before this the hungry boarders of gather in front of the door and yell Treacy, manager of the Colo'- -f 'pic- of the connection with the school of loudly to be admitted. When at length ture show, when he was approached James G. White, who later became we aoor is open tney rush in, run last ""di. iu lu&ara to some advertis vice president of the school. Professor J. T. C. Noe conducts the over or push aside the man who opens ing. In order to thoroughly advertise the Fayette County Teachers' Institute at the door, and niBh to their tables. The e game of last Sat- which many of the other professors first man grabs the most popular dish big and the others yell 'Check on it.' For urday, Manager F. O. Townes thought deliver speeches. about fifteen minutes there is a very busy scene, as the meat affords the Jaws good exercise." Freshman English theme put on board in class room. FOR COLLEGE MEN AND WOMEN. Villa-Nou- European soldiers were recently taken captive who declared that they Lad neither had a bath nor a change cf clothing in six months. Probably they were Mexican pris oners from the foreign legion. pat-pa- pat-pat,- " hap-jpll- y pat-patte-d ; y "Squirrel Food" has lnfcjmation to the effect that the Unlver&ty of din- cinnati students have map arrangements with railroad officiis for sev eral cattle cars in which t make the The fighting qualities of the team trip to see the game Satuilay. ijden- Once I saw within a student's room cannot be too Jtiighly commended. tucky hospitality demand that we a pack of cards, some soilod clothes, Certainly it was ah Inspiring sight to meet them at the station vith a few a book or two, a "feed" from home, a see "Doc" Rodes, the sterling quarter uaies or hay and some rn on the pair of holy sox, upon the mantle-piecback, stagger out on the field and fall cob. all quite close otgether. because his injured body could not' State-Sewane- SHOES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY Visit us and see our excellent lines. Special attention te University peeple. S. Bassett CS, 231 West Main Street. Sons