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10 > Image 10 of Polk's Lexington City Directory 1912

Part of Lexington City Directories

.;l< " The Assocza tzorz of Amerzcan Directory Publishers ry of President, A. V. WILLIAMS, Cincinnati 3 our First Vice-President, R. H. DONNELLEY. Chicago mi t Second Vice-President, _]. L. HILL, Richmond, Va. IGOEO Secretary-Treasurer, W. H. BATES, New York an im- T R U S T E E S: w. 1:. uuxnocx, az iz. r.. rome, umm R. I-I. DONNELLEY, Chicago W. H. BATES, New York A. V. WILLIAMS, Cincinnati W. H. LEE, New Haven J. L. HILL, Richmond E. M. GOULD. St. Louis w. x-1. roRc111AnA, 1hud1pm Secretarys Office, 89 Third Ave., Borough of Manhattan. R The Association of American Directory Publishers is composed of re utable City Directory Publishers, or anized for the eneral advance- P , K E ment of the Directory business. Any person, corporation or Erm engaged in business as owner and publisher of a City Directory in the United States or Canada, who shall qualify as competent to gather informatian and compile a City Directory and furnish satisfactory references, is eli ible to membershi . [1].18. E P The objects of the Association are: First. The advancement of the Directory business and the improve- ment of Directories by the interchange of ideas and the exchange of experienced employes. _ Em Second. To provide protection to the public against fraudulent advertising schemes which operate under the name of Directories, and to drive unprincipled promoters of the same out of the business. ' Bm Third. To provide permanent and profitable employment to E It competent, industrious and honest Directory canvassers and compilers. iw; Fourth. For the mutual protection and advancement of the estab- lished and prospective interests of all who may become members, by personal advice and assistance of members as may be mutually satisfactory, desirable or advisable, and by such other means as may, from time to time, be shown to be wise, proper and lawful. Will be paid by the Association for the arrest and conviction of any person or persons engaged in publishing, collecting or canvassing for any fraudulent or fake directory. ll E