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637 > Image 637 of Polk's Lexington City Directory 1912

Part of Lexington City Directories

s K ` ~~ ~~ el~ e ~ l Builders Supply C0. ptumszns, :.c-rmcm. con-rnAcrns I eas, nm- wa-ren Ann srem Hem-me Wood Mautels, Chandeliers, Electrical Supplies and Fixtures, and Taylor Gas Grates i 235 EAST MAIN ST. BOTH PHONES 442 i THE PHOENIX HABERDASHERY a pg t WHERE THOSE WH0 KNOW BUY l_gl1__Qr;1de Line of Shirts, Ties, Hose and Mens_llqier_i_veg _. LAIL & SON r A ( Phoenix Hotel Bldg. Phone _ Lexington, Kentucky a ; THE City Directory is the most ! t effective and most economical it l p 1 method of reaching all the people all the time. These who buy with= il out looking at the list ef these whe sell do themselves great injustice. ~ The classified lists in the Business Directory form the best Buyers ilL l Guide on earth. A modem up to y date method of getting what yea l pe _ want. R. L. POLK & C0. { {A