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10 > Image 10 of KYIAN 1974

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Panic stricken, j queasy freshmen will never forget by MARY KAYE ROGERS Every student, freshman or senior, agriculture or nursing major, recalled one similar experience that none would forget. It was the panic stricken, queasy feeling common to upcoming freshmen on their initial introduction to UK freshmen orientation. Advising conferences have been a tradition at UK since 1962, when a summer program was initiated to include both students and their parents. As the program progressed, it took on a more social approach in the mid '6fJ's. "We try to maintain an honest approach with students and parents," says George Dexter, coordinator of the conference. Dexter directed a full-time staff to prepare for orientation of new students who numbered over 3,000 last summer. To assist the staff, ten upperclassmen were hired. An attempt was made to get a diversified group of student assistants, Dexter said, so there would be a wide "sharing of experiences" with the incoming students. A typical advising conference day went something like this: after greeting nearly 250 students and their parents, the conference was broken up into modular units, each concerned with some phase of university life. After attending the modular units, students pre-regis-tered for classes Parents reaction to the program were generally favorable. The students main complaint was the actual process of pre-registration. These and other problems have continually been studied in the hopes of improving the program, Parent's seem to be as confused and lost as students during freshmen orientation. However, upperclassmen (Background) take everything in stride, and enjoy the cool of the shade.