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13 > Image 13 of KYIAN 1974

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Headaches, mass confusion and goodbye tears before finally moving in like a free calendar?"; standing in line for 45 minutes to get your meal book ". . . I'm sorry, your I.D. must be validated first; would you go to the end of the other line please?"; and the endless lines of drop-add" . . . I'm sorry, we are out of class cards for that one but we can put you on the waiting list of 30 if you want to try . . ." Indoctrination to cafeteria dinner is followed by rush parties (for some freshmen), getting together with friends to talk about the good times last summer, or just getting to know some new friends. Of course, don't forget about the corridor meetings held the first night at some ridiculous hour like midnight to top off your first day on campus. But no matter what the tribulations of the first few days of "movin in," most students realize it could be worse . . . the exodus known as "moving out" is yet to come, (Above Left,) A student moving into a room at the complex. (Above Right) A trip to the bookstore is a must the first day on campus to get a free calendar. (Left,) The smell of roasting vjeiners draws two students to the freshman picnic (Opp. Pg., Above) Two co-eds find the first day of the semester to be very exciting. (Left) A parent lends a helping hand to his daughter moving into Donovan Hall. (Right) Drop-Add is a frustrating experience for new students. 12