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443 > Image 443 of KYIAN 1974

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

UK VPs I seven of the busiest men on campus Hornback feels a warmth on campus by TERRY WHALEY In June 1973, Dr. Raymond Hornback became Vice-president of University Relations at UK, succeeding Dr. Glenwood Creech. Hornback graduated from UK in 1956 intending to follow in his fa- ther's footsteps as a newspaper man. He had been a columnist and managing editor for the Kernel and spent the summer between his junior and senior years working for the Associated Press. During his senior year, Morehead State University was looking for an ambitious young public relations man, and in the fall of 1956, Horn-back became director of publicity and publications at Morehead. In 1961, while continuing his duties at Morehead, Hornback commuted two days a week to Lexington to work toward his masters degree. In 1963, he became the first person to complete the university's masters program in higher education. During 1966-68, Hornback attended Indiana University where he received his doctorate in higher education. Upon returning to More-head, he was appointed vice president for university affairs. In addition he also taught journalism, public relations ana higher education courses. His promotion of Morehead State University's 50th anniversary celebration in 1972 won recognition by the American College Public Relations Association as one of the 16 top public relations efforts of the year. But, UK loomed as a greater challenge for Hornback. "The big difference, of course, between UK and Morehead is the size. UK is more complex," Hornback noted. "Yet there are similarities I'm still working with Kentuckians, the finest people in the world." Hornback believes colleges today have lost some of the respect they once held in the public'eye because of the unrest on campuses during the late 1960's. We have got to do a better job of communicating what is being done on campus. We need to show how the scarce dollar is being utilized," Hornback observed. "We not only need to have a broader base in the media, but to have better public relations with the local communities," he continued. "We have tried to do this by sending students on trips with university officials speaking in their hometowns." Hornback was impressed with the faculty, the staff and the students at UK. "There's a real warmth about this campus. Some critics say that just doesn't exist anymore, but that is one balloon I'd like to burst." Terry is a telecommunications sophomore. 442 730853