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445 > Image 445 of KYIAN 1974

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

fer to a university after their first two years if they so desire. In addition to handling the colleges' budgets, Dr. Wall assisted in program development and program evaluation, faculty selection, evaluation, and improvement, and providing any other assistance that was needed. Dr. Wall was an educator with his heart in his work. He believed every step in his career as a teacher and administrator had enable him to more fully and effectively serve the people of his state. A family man with four daughters and a son, Dr. Wall enjoyed working with people. It seemed that his only regret was that his present administrative position separated him from his first love, that of teaching and guiding young people. Dr. Wall, known to his friends as Stanley, was born in 1915 in Casey County, Kentucky near the town of Humphrey. His first formal schooling was under his father at the Ragged Ridge Elementary School. Years later, he got his Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture from Berea College in 1938. He taught vocational agriculture for eight years before coming to UK as a teacher trainer in vocational agriculture in the College of Education. Earning a Masters Degree in 1947 and his Doctorate in 1954, he ended a ten year stay in the College of Education by moving to the College of Agriculture as Associate Dean for Instruction in 1956. While in the College of Education, he was named Who's Who in American Education in 1954 and Who's Who in America in 1956. Dr. Wall co-authored two books as well as having served on many committees instrumental in improving agricultural instruction not only in Kentucky, but throughout the south. In 1966, he was named Associate Dean of the Community College System, responsible primarily for program development and faculty improvement. In 1968, the American Association of Land Grant Colleges and State Universities recognized him for his outstanding work in agriculture. July 1970 marked the beginning of his Vice-presidency of the Community Colleges. Dr. Wall was recognized in 1973 as the outstanding Berea College Alumnus, Morris likes polo playing Dr. Alvin Morris, who came to UK 13 years ago and has felt pri-viledged to be associated with UK", feels "enthusiasm" for its students. The 47 year old Vice-president for Administration previously taught at the University of Pennsylvania after he earned his Dental Degree at the University of Michigan and his Ph D at the University of Rochester. He received his education through the Armed Services Training Program, never knowing college life the "normal way." World War II interrupted his college career. The man who was "heavy on horses" likes to play polo, hunt, and and a little tennis. On campus Dr. Morris liked to become involved with movies and ballgames. ^f* Dr. Lawrence Forgy, Vice-president for Business Affairs, got up at 6:30 every morning to play basketball or tennis. The man who went to the University of Tennessee at Martin on a basketball scholarship, earned his BA at George Washington University in Economics and History, and went on to earn a Law degree at George Washington while doing po-licework. In the past, he worked on the US Senate as bar-at-arms, done investigations for the UK Trade Commission, done work on LLM, drafted laws for congress, and was State budget director at Frankfort. The 30 year old Vice-president who had only been at UK for four years, felt that the university was the single most liberalizing effect on the government. He now mostly dealt with business relations instead of professors and students. He regreted that he didn't teach, but "teaching would be almost too much work." 'fjY* Forgy regrets not teaching 444