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452 > Image 452 of KYIAN 1974

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

CO O 0 a O 3 -a: o a Q a o 2? Down final FTER a semester of hard work (?), finals were upon us once again. Students attempting to cram, filled every available bench, lawn, and campus building as the zero hour approached. Margaret King Library did a record breaking business during finals week. Students covered every inch of space, and an occasional muttering of "Why didn't I start this term paper when it was assigned last January?" was heard. Finally, however, the hectic week was over, and weary students staggered homeward to await the final verdict in the mailbox. Hopefully, they all enjoyed a much needed and restful summer vacation. (Left) The Student Center couches in the Great Hall are a very comfortable and quiet place to study. (Top Left) The Margaret King Library houses a lot of students the last week of school, especially those who have last minute papers to do. (Opp. pg., Top Left) Although all-nighters are the most common and hardest way to study for an exam, some people just cannot survive without sleep. (Top Right) The new overpass in the library is a very scenic place to study, making it hard to concentrate. (Bottom Right) Last minute reading and skimming of text books is very important to those without a lot of lecture notes. (Bottom Left) Although going home is one of the nicest feelings during the school year, it is a sad time leaving friends, and a fearful time of what to tell your parents about grades. 1 0