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62 > Image 62 of KYIAN 1974

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

AFROTC seniors can earn private pilot license i by LINDA CARROLL "T I HE Air Force ROTC flight training was designed mainly to screen out students who might not be suitable for Air Force pilot training," said Captain Simon. "By doing this the cost of training per student ranges from $600 to $800." This is a sharp contrast to the $230,000 spent if pilot training is extended in the Air Force. The program not only saved money but gave some 40 ROTC seniors the chance to earn their private pilot license. Students were under the direction of Simon, who had seven years experience with the Air Force. They were trained to meet FAA standards for private piloting in a three credit hour, one semester course known as ground school which trained the student for the written FAA exam. Accompanying the ground school was the in-flight training. This instruction was given at civilian airfields by non military instructors. The civilian flying contractor was selected by the Air Force from several submitted bids. The contract went to Coy Flying School at Marshall Field in Georgetown for 73 and 74. Total instruction in this area consisted of 36Vi hours which was "more rigorous than most," said Simon. "By screening out those who might not be suitable as military pilots the Air Force saves itself a considerable sum of money," added Simon. 61