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83 > Image 83 of KYIAN 1974

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

1 i-iy '' m'}x II <*< -_,"' H^HHHHIi The fountain (1) located in fountain square offered cooling relaxation between classes. Memorial Chimes (2) were dedicated to UK in 1964 by Lambda Alpha Chapter of Chi Omega. The stone podium (3) stood on the lawn in front of the Student Center. Commemorative Railroad (4) tracks were dedicated to UK in 1916. They were original tracks laid in Lexington in 1831. Memorial Hall (5) was built in 1929 to those who lost their lives in WWI. There is an amphitheater adjacent to it. Brioschi Sculpture (6) stood in front of the Albert Chandler Medical Center. It was made by Amarigo Brioschi of St. Paul, Minnesota. Stoll Field (7) was named after Richard Stoll, UK alumnus, trustee, and benefactor. The date on the plaque read October 14,1916. The stone shrine (8) beside the Administration Annex was presented to UK as a reminder of the class of 1905. An iron sculpture (9) hung in front of the door on the Henry Wendt Shoppe of the Engineering Building. Whitfield stump (10) was given to UK by George Whitfield for the Geology Department. The Cannon (11) resting on the lawn in front of the Administration Building, has stood there for 100 years. From Barcelona, Spain, the cannon weighs 1000 pounds. An iron sculpture (12) hung from the door of Buell Armory. The Patterson statue (13) resting on bricks made from original campus soil, which are from White Hall and the Patterson House, honored UK's first president. "Growth" (14) was a symbolic sculpture which spiraled to the sky near the Ag-Science Building.