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6 > Image 6 of Guide to civilian organizations. Ballard County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

A 1%% -1- A BALLARD COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS t AMERICAN LEGION, BALLARD COUNTY POST #5 (Department of V Kentucky; National American Legion), e/0 D. W. Reno, ( Wickliffe. Founded 1951. Commander, O. A. Adams, Wick- liffe. Adjutant, D. W. Reno, Wickliffe, Telephone 85-R. ( I Terms expire October, 1942. A Nmnmershipz 137. Qualifications, veteran of World War ' 1 with an honorable discharge. , Committees: Executive, W. P. Shadoan, Vickliffe. L, Purpose: Promote peace and goodwill on earth; uphold the i { United States Constitution and help build Americanism. Q Normal Civic Activities: Monetary aid to Orphans Home and T Veterans Hospital. Cooperating with county Civilian De- ; fense Council. A Q Defense Activities: Training for Air Raid Kardon Service. ( __ Interested in.Auxiliary Police. Registration of members ig for Civilian Defense. Yes: Registration forms on file 3f in the office of the State Adjutant and National Headquarters. E Local Publications: None. I AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY, BALLARD COUNTY UNIT #3 (National 3 American Legion Auxiliary), e/o Mrs. Macon Harlan, Barlow. Founded 1958. President, Mrs. Joe Rogers, Barlow. Secretary, 5 Mrs. Macon Harlan, Barlomm Terms expire August, 1942. A Membership: 50. Qualifications, wife, mother, sister or J daughter of a veteran of World War 1. Committees: Membership, Mrs, D. V. Reno, Vickliffc; Historian, A Mrs. Ed. Ivie, Nickliffe; Americanism, Mrs, Zeke Morrison, Ban- E dana; National Defense, Mrs. O. A. Adams, Mickliffe; Con- f stitution and Bylaws, Mrs. Willis Hinkle, La Center. ti Purpose: To upheld and defend the United States Constitution, gy Promote peace and goodwill, Upbuild Americanism. A. Normal Civic Activities: Cooperates with the American Legion A and aids in caring for children of deceased veterans. Q I