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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Ballard County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

s p -3- T American Legion Auxiliary (Continued) I , Defense Activities: Engaged in Child Care, Collection of Scrap i Metals and Other Metals. Local Publications: None. h AMERICAN RED CROSS, BALLARD COUNTY (American National Red Cross), . e/o Mrs. W. A. Page, Barlow. Founded 1913. Chairman, Mrs. W; A. - Page, Barlow, Telephone 68. Secretary, Miss Frances Cocke, Wick- _ liffe. Terms indefinite. . Membership: 200. Qualifications, contributors of one dollar or over annually. L Committees: -Knitting, Mrs. Lucy Meriwether, La Center; Home ; Service, Mrs. W. L. Trimble, Wickliffe. V Purpose: To apply emergency aid in the event of disaster. Normal Civic Activities: Knitting, sewing and heme service. -5 Defense Activities: Engaged in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical { Dressings, Red Cross Assistance, Family Social Service in Indus- } trial Areas. 5 Local Publications: None. A BALLARD COUNTY COMMUNITY PLANNING COUNCIL, e/o Mrs. T. L. Trimble, i Nickliffe. Founded 1940. President, Mrs. T. L. Trimble, Mickliffe, Telephone 5. Secretary, Miss Mildred Swain, Wickliffe. Terms in 1 d0f`11'1l`k$8v * Membership: IO. Qualifications, must reside in Ballard County and Y serve in civic affairs. i Committees: None. i Purpose: To assist various com unity projects operating throughout L the county. Q Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with T]P.A. in establishing y lunch rooms, gardens and canning projects, securing appropriations f for sewing and library projects and improving public health con- l ditions. p Defense Activities: Engaged in Preparation and Serving of Food, 4 Library Service, Collecting Books. Interested in Sewing and r { Preparation of Surgical Dressings, Child Care, Discussion Loaders. I Local Publications: None. I J _ .4 P h____. _i.. gilll To--- -- A -~