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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Ballard County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

A Q Q I "* L, Ballard County Nutrition Council (Continued) { Membership: 20. Qualifications, willingness to serve plus T some knowledge of nutrition or related subjects. _ 5 Committees: Nones j Purpose: To encourage proper preparation and preservation of , foods and the planting of back yard gardens, etc. I Planning public cooking and canning A demonstrations. A Defense_Aptivities: Interested in Preparation and Serving of Food. A lpca1_Publications: None. j BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, TROOP #61, CHIEF PADUKE COUNCIL (National { Council Boy Scouts of America), q/e John C. Miller, Wickliffe Founded 1940. Scoutmaster, John C. Miller, Nickliffe, Telephone ~ A 87. Secretary, Thomas Norris, Wickliffe. Terms indefinite. Membership: 20. Qualifications, boys 12 to 21 years of age able e to pass test and requirementse i Committees: Council, Colonel N. P. Shadoan, Nickliffe. g Purpose: Character and citizenship building. I Normal Civic Activities: Coeperates with local post of American ; Legion. j Defense Activities: Training for Collection of Scrap Metals and ? Other Metals. Interested in Collecting Books. g Lpcal Publications: None. _ MISSIONARY COUNCIL, FICKLIFFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH (State and National ( Christian Church Council), q/e Mrs. W. A. Mayes, Wickliffe. Founded 1910. President, Mrs. S. D. Sinnott, Wickliffe, Telephone 91. Sec- i rotary, Mrs. V. A. Mayes, Tiekliffe. Terms expire Juno, 1942. Membership: 15. Qualifications, ummen willing to contribute time in advancing the cause. Committees: Red Cross Sewing, Mrs. W. A. Mayes, Wickliffe. I Purpose: Furtherance of home and foreign missions under the auspices of the church. 4 Q l