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Image 1 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 2, September 1938

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

@4,; II’» 5 *7 Z *91 .. Ir .2% KENTUCKY FRUIT NOH.5 (4}, A/été . 'l`lii·l ltl,`l,l,l~l'l`lN Preliminary plans have ade This is the second issue of the Ken- {’?lU{m(11}?gy P€pan d V tucky l·`rnit Notes, The· tlrst issue int th '*i,([(_lln ,E Yay 0.f tree . catne out about August 10. \\'e have I FU Y _("d f I ({;€Ii“ln‘§m{mg Cod $ had several comments on this tirst in all ‘{H_€"“' Us "uyht 6 r emergen V effort and will welcome the reactions Ll im 5mHu”‘u { 15 Ioped that fl “°l_l of other readers, We are trying to wu lu? ’ S;"f’0dl Pqerdgni Spray S‘?r" present material that will he useful to I 21 )(‘ me (me or gmuers _ growers in the various lines of fruit K ( " work. V" ‘ 'I`i1is bulletin will contain sonic arti- CROWN BORER WORK cies that are only of present interest. Collections of adults of the Straw- A Some of the material will be of last- berry Crown Borer for overwintering ¤ im: interest however and will be of as studies have been made in coopera- much value in a year or more as they tion with the Entomology Department. are at present. Such articles are the This material will enable predictions V "('rown Itorer (‘ontrol of S&rawbcr— to be made next spring as to the time ries" in the last issue and "Some In- of egg laying; ot this harmful insect. '_ teresting l·`at·ts ('ont·ernin;; San Jose ____ icale'; amlhtlte report lon ‘ttspa·t·iii;; of S}_:P,I,EMHER FERTILIZING FOR . toma Stiawheiiy llants in this S,I.R\“.BI__RRI}__S · issue, lt is strongly su;;;.:cstcd that a ‘ ‘ " place he provitled to tilt- these bulletins \\`_ W. M.u;it.t.. Field Agent in away for future t·et`ei·ence after they 11o;·m·u11u;·e z` ‘·: . Sl lt`.tl·.‘t:‘t·l ‘ , . . -’ HF 1} lu A1·i·,·* uu" N ·`_`l (_( uu" I`he application of one hundred man; can have .t tomplcte set, atlthnu . . , _ . _ . _ _ pounds per acre ot nitrate of soda or . eath issue as it tomcs out. {UNMC [,1 mom, d 11,1), hl A Qt _ Soon atter the tirst issue was sent lr {hp Fr; ur H SlO)1t_*`H‘ shuglgg { out a number of thcm were retnrnetl to (fm] O ,1 Lt`, udj;M0_€p il ERI Zfvi flsand ·" us by the post otlice tlepartinent because 1__ l_ti;_€‘. dl fl {illlle; if (DQQQG the party addressed had moved from };u‘*l(m] _;_uQ\‘;f;\:_·m;f;\_})'l_(;d(\;Ci "f‘;‘u{I~€f his old address. The mailing.: list is ‘ (. }° ` ‘ . · I . _m` Z " ij — . .. . . . . . . This tieatment is especially desirable ¤ bein; woilved oxet. and those who ie- _ _. ;¤ _ _ . _ , - and pt otitahle where the previous treat- 5 quested to be added to it ate being _ . . _ Y ; .... ment of the soil in advance of straw- added. A numbei of iequests tot the . . . _ _ 4 _ . berries has not included the turning ·» hist issue have also come in. _ ._ .¢ _ _ _ _ _ _ ttnder ot a gieen legume crop like _ An) gtowei who wishes to have benmq mag or ICQ eden his name on the mailing list should ‘ " I _` _ `D ' `j write the Experiment Station, I,exinr.:- Tlt€‘_t*¤‘1¤¤1i>¤i `bifck ef Suche treati mn Kmml`.k)·_ m mm Ofywt Oy mt mu ment is astollows. The man? runner and return the request blank in the luuuiu uma uu*€`u__1OOt uurmg Jul} { hack of this issue or turn their names uuu Attsust em} “ul d°‘ gum °rO“uS ~_ in to their Comm}. ;\g(,m_ for Ithe production of berries the fol- . lowing season. Detail experiments car- rl \\'. I). Ataxisinoxo, Editor. rietl on by Shumaker at the Ohio Ex- V Horticulturist. ]\’<‘Ilfll(`}t']/ periment Station bring out the fact ` L }.`.rpcrintcnt Station that during late August. September is and October the strawberry crowns . »"*‘ develop and determine through nature ‘ . . . V t . the number of bloom stalks. for pro- ITSLCTARX ‘*S"—CT‘O“ ducing a heavy yield of berries. This During the last month the insec- fruit bud development might be com- M taries at Louisville. Henderson and paretl to that which takes place on Paducah have been visited and in- the apple tree during May and early speeted. June at which time the fruit bud is w BULLETIN OF THE KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION it tg l