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Grahamton Manufacturing Company records, 1832

Part of Grahamton Manufacturing Company records

kukm1m53m18Grahamton Manufacturing Company recordsGrahamton Manufacturing Company records 53M18Finding aid prepared by Processed by: Archives Staff ; machine-readable finding aid created by: Eric WeigUniversity of Kentucky Special Collections Research CenterSpecial Collections Research CenterUniversity of Kentucky LibrariesMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky 40506-0039URL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2017-06-07 16:51:59 -0400.Description is in English.Describing Archives: A Content Standard2017 April 5Arrangement and description updated by Haley Potter and Sarah Mackenzie Wade. English University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center Grahamton Manufacturing Company records Grahamton Manufacturing Company (Ky.) 53M18 27.89 Cubic feet 8 record cartons and 9 transfer cases 1832-1917, undated The Grahamton Manufacturing Company records (dated 1832-1917, undated; 27.89 Cubic feet, 8 record cartons and 9 transfer cases) primarily comprise daybooks, account books, and invoice books that document the business operations of the nineteenth century Meade County, Kentucky textile mill. The collection is stored off-site and must be requested at least 48 business hours in advance. Conditions Governing Access Collection is open to researchers by appointment. Arrangement note Collection is arranged into 6 series by subject and format: Account books and ledgers, Correspondence, Inventories and stock records, Thomas Anderson and Company, W. George Anderson and Company, and Archibald M. Robinson and Company. Biographical/Historical note The Grahamton Manufacturing Company began in 1829 when Robert Graham and a Mr. Snead established a steam-powered textile mill in Louisville, Kentucky. Thomas Anderson joined the partners in 1835, and the group incorporated as the Robert Graham & Company. The company purchased a water-powered grain mill in Meade County, Kentucky on a site that the partners named Grahamton. When the firm relocated to Meade County in 1837, Snead disengaged from the group, and the firm was renamed Graham, Anderson & Company. Graham resigned in the late 1840s, and the firm was renamed the Grahamton Manufacturing Company, owned and operated by Thomas Anderson and his sons, W. George and Orville. W. George Anderson assumed managerial duties from his father and directed the mill for many years before the role was passed to Archibald M. Robinson, who became a shareholder in 1868 and operated the business until his death in 1904. The mill was ultimately purchased by Hunt, Bridgeford and Company and sold two years later to the McCord Company.Pusey, William Allen, Grahamton and the Early Textile Mills of Kentucky, The Filson Club History Quarterly 5, no. 3, (1931): 123-135. Preferred Citation 53m18 : [identification of item], Grahamton Manufacturing Company records, 1832-1917, undated, University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center. Related Materials 73m4, Anderson family papers, University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center. Scope and Contents The Grahamton Manufacturing Company records (dated 1832-1917, undated; 27.89 Cubic feet, 8 record cartons and 9 transfer cases) primarily comprise daybooks, account books, and invoice books that document the business operations of the nineteenth century Meade County, Kentucky textile mill. The collection also includes invoices, receipts, bills of lading and inventories that account for the company's wool and cotton production, and correspondence with the company's managers, Thomas Anderson, his son W. George Anderson, and Archibald M. Robinson. Conditions Governing Use The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center. Cotton manufacture--Kentucky--Grahamton. Flour mills--Kentucky--Grahamton. Invoices Account books. Meade County (Ky.)--History. Mills and mill-work. Textile industry--Kentucky--Grahamton. Wool industry--Kentucky--Grahamton. Anderson, Thomas Anderson, W. George Grahamton Manufacturing Company (Ky.) Robinson, Archibald M. Account books and ledgersSeries I.1841-1917Scope and ContentsComprises account books and ledgers that document Grahamton Manufacturing Company's financial transactions, including daybooks of daily operations, invoice books of goods and services purchased by the company, receipts and bills of lading, and cash books of sales. Arranged alphabetically by format and thereunder chronologically.Account books and assorted financialsSubseries A.1845-1905, undatedAccount book1867 July 1-1867 December 253M18-121Balance sheet1883 November-1905 June53M18-011Deposit bookundated53M18-089Deposit bookundated53M18-151Pay book1867 January 5-1871 May 2753M18-053Promissory notes1884-189053M18-0825Receipt book1845-184653M18-0826Unlabeled index [of accounts?]undated53M18-0827Bills of LadingSubseries B.1869-18761869 March 4-1870 April 453M18-0121870 April 8-1871 April 1953M18-0131871 April 20-1872 March 1753M18-0141874 October 29-1875 June 453M18-0151875 May 13-1876 July 3053M18-016Cash booksSubseries C.1849-19011849 October-1856 May53M18-0171862-187253M18-018Robinson and Willet's cash book1865 July 6-1868 September 153M18-0191873 January-1879 July53M18-0211889 January-1901 September53M18-022Daily cash booksSubseries D.1866-1870GeneralIncludes materials related to the daily spendings of the company, as well as any transactions and sales.1866 January 1-1866 October 953M18-0231866 January-1866 November53M18-0241866 October 10-1867 July 3053M18-0251866 November 27-1867 November 2353M18-0261867 July 31-1868 June 3053M18-0271867 November 25-1868 August 2253M18-0281868 August 24-1869 July 1653M18-0291869 July 19-1870 March 753M18-0210DaybooksSubseries E.1847-1905GeneralIncludes materials related to the daily process of running the company, such as spendings, job positions, and production.1847 January 1-1861 July 153M18-0911848 August 29-1849 March 153M18-0921848 August 29-December 2053M18-0931848 December 21-1849 June 453M18-0941849 March 14-June 2353M18-0951849 June 5-1849 August 853M18-02111849 July 26-1849 December 1553M18-0961849 December-1850 July 2053M18-0971850 July 20-1850 October 2853M18-0981850 October 20-1851 August 2553M18-0991851 March -1852 January 2253M18-09101852 January 23-1853 July 1953M18-02121852 July 21-1853 February 2453M18-02131851 August 26-1852 July 3153M18-09111854 July 10-1854 November 353M18-09121853 November 2-1855 February 1553M18-0311855 April 4-1855 July 1953M18-09131855 July 20-1856 March 553M18-09141855 August 9-1856 March 1753M18-09151856 October 17-1857 May 2753M18-0321857 January 21-1857 October 653M18-0331857 May 29-1857 December 1553M18-0341860 February 21-1860 August 1653M18-0351861 April 17-1864 April 1553M18-0361861 November 12-1863 October 953M18-0371863 October 10-1865 September 153M18-0381869 March 22-1870 July 3053M18-0391871 October 20-1872 December 2753M18-03101888 July 3-1895 August 1853m18-0411895 August 20-1905 June 1253M18-101Factory ledgersSubseries F.1841-1867GeneralIncludes economic transactions with and for the factory.No. 11841 December-1842 December53M18-111No. 41844 March 11-1844 October 1953M18-112No. 61845 July 1-1846 March 2853M18-113No. 71846 March 21-October 2153M18-114No. 21847 September 20-1848 October 1353M18-115No. 31848 October 9-1849 May 553M18-116No. 21850-185253M18-117No. 61860 October 6-1867 March53M18-118Grist Mill accountsSubseries G.1837-18681846 April-1848 December53M18-1311860 July 2-1868 November 3053M18-132Cotton Factory commission book1837-184153M18-141Invoice booksSubseries H.1839-1904GeneralIncludes list of goods and services sold to the company.1839-184453M18-1021847 July 1-1855 December 3153M18-1521868 February 19-1869 November 2653M18-122Robinson and Company1869 February 24-1871 April 2153m18-0421869 December 4-1871 March 2553m18-0431871 March 29-1874 February 2853M18-1331875 May 1-1878 February53M18-1341878 February 2-1881 January 2953M18-1421881 September 21-1884 September 3053M18-1431887 August 27-1889 March 1253M18-1531889 March 27-1891 September 353M18-1541891 September 9-1893 May 1053M18-1551893 May 27-1895 July 153M18-1611895 July 1-1897 December 2453M18-1621900 January 19-1902 February 1553M18-1711902 January 20-1904 September 3053M18-172JournalsSubseries I.1847-1917GeneralIncludes materials related to the daily functions of the company.Journal and sales book1847-1850, 1914-191753M18-103No. 021861 August-1872 February53M18-104Journal B1872 March-1883 October53M18-1051884-190553M18-106LedgersSubseries J.1845-1901GeneralIncludes economic transactions within the company.1845-185453m18-0441861-187653M18-1231862 January 31-1869 March 253m18-0451868 July 1-1870 November 1953m18-0461869-188953M18-0511870 August 1-1871 October 1853M18-0521884-190153M18-124Petty ledgersSubseries K.1847-18671847 January 1-1847 September 2053M18-1561849-185153M18-1071851-185453M18-1191858-186753M18-125Time booksSubseries L.1847-1903GeneralIncludes time records of all workers within the company.1847 January 16-1852 March 653M18-0541871 June 3-1872 June 853M18-0551872 June 15-1873 June 2853M18-0561873 July 5-1874 July 1153M18-0571874 July 18-1875 July 353M18-0581875 July 10-1876 May 2453M18-0591877 June 9-1878 June 853M18-05101878 June 15-1879 June 1453M18-05111879 June 21-1880 July 1053M18-05121880 July 15-1881 July 1653M18-0611881 July 23-1882 July 2253M18-0621882 April-1903 August53M18-1351883 August 11-1884 August 1553M18-0631884 August 23-1886 June 553M18-0641886 June 12-1887 June 1153M18-0651887 June 18-1888 June 2353M18-0661889 July 6-1890 July 653M18-0671890 July 15-1891 July 1153M18-0681892 July 9-1893 October 753M18-0691893 October 21-1895 July 2053M18-06101895 July 27-1897 January 253M18-06111898 July 9-1903 July 1153M18-0612circa 190053M18-0613CorrespondenceSeries II.1870-1896, undatedScope and ContentsComprises assorted Grahamton correspondence and lists. Also includes correspondence with Grahamton superintendent P. Z. Aylsworth and the will of Orville Anderson.Circular letters and prices1870-187253M18-0820Letterpress copybook1887 January 14-1888 November 2053M18-0821Notes and lists1893-189653M18-0822Orville Anderson willundated53M18-0823P. Z. Aylsworth, superintendent1871-187653M18-0822Inventories and stock recordsSeries III.1832-1905, undatedScope and ContentsComprises inventories and records of Grahamton stock and goods stored and shipped. Arranged alphabetically by subject.Inventory and assorted accounts1832-184453M18-163Inventory and invoice book1845 January 1-1847 July 453M18-144Inventory of sundriesundated53M18-0614Record book, goods stored and shipped1895-190353M18-0615Record and postal account book1900 December 1-1905 September 3053M18-145Sales, yarns, etc.1837-184553M18-146Stock book186953M18-0616Stock list on hand1893-190453M18-071Storage and shipments at and from Tip Top Station1885 January 1-1895 December 153M18-072Yarns, Osnaburgs, Jeans, and Linseys1859 February 3-1871 January 2453M18-073Thomas Anderson and CompanySeries IV.1834-1876Scope and ContentsComprises Grahamton business correspondence, agreements, and financial documents specific to Grahamton owner and manager Thomas Anderson.Accounts1872-187353M18-074Agreements and deeds1834-185453M18-075Bills and receipts1848-187253M18-076Orders and sales1851-187653M18-077Letters received1871-187453M18-078Letters received1875-187653M18-079W. George Anderson and CompanySeries V.1846-1878, undatedScope and ContentsComprises Grahamton Manufacturing business correspondence and financial documents produced during the company's management by W. George Anderson. Correspondence consists primarily of letters written by Anderson to Archibald M. Robinson and incoming letters received by the company. Financial documents consist of receipts, quotes, bills, and statements.CorrespondenceSubseries A.1852-1878, undatedLetters sent1852, 1870-187453M18-0710To Archibald M. Robinson1870-187153M18-0711To Archibald M. Robinson1872-187453M18-0712To Archibald M. Robinson187553M18-0713To Archibald M. Robinson1876-187853M18-0714Archibald M. Robinson and W. George Anderson1870-187653M18-0132Letters received1870-187153M18-0715Letters received1872 June-July53M18-0716Letters received1872 August-December53M18-0717Letters received1873 January-February53M18-0718Letters received187453M18-0719Letters received1875 January-April53M18-0720Letters received1875 May-December53M18-0721Letters received187653M18-0722Postcards received1875, undated53M18-0723FinancialSubseries B.1846-1875Accounts1871-187253M18-0724Accounts with Orville Anderson1846-187453M18-0725Bills1871-187453M18-0726Bills1870-187453M18-081Budget, sales1871-187653M18-082Freight bills1871-187653M18-083Inventory1871-187253M18-084Quotes1871-187253M18-085Receipts1872 January-October53M18-086Receipts1872 November-1873 March53M18-087Receipts1873 April-July53M18-088Receipts1874 April-August53M18-089Receipts1874 August53M18-0810Receipts1874 September-October53M18-0811Receipts1874 October-November53M18-0812Receipts1874 December-1875 January53M18-0813Statements1871-187553M18-0814Archibald M. Robinson and CompanySeries VI.1870-1890Scope and ContentsComprises Grahamton Manufacturing correspondence and financial documents produced during the company's management by Archibald M. Robinson, with correspondence to Robinson from his son William B. Robinson, business correspondence, purchase orders, and financial statements.Letters from William B. Robinson189053M18-0815Letters received1870-187653M18-0816Letters sent187453M18-0817Orders1871-187653M18-0818Statements187253M18-0819