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12 > Image 12 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-10-25

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

S. Investment Committee Report Mr. Gatton, chair of the Investment Committee, reported that the Committee met that moming to review perfonnance results and conduct other business. The Endowment had an estimated net market value of $796.2 million as of September 30, 2011. For the three months ended September 30m, the Endowment pool lost an estimated 9.1 percent, underperfonning the policy benchmark retum of -8.1 percent. The policy benchmark is a weighted average of various market index retums that are representative of the Universitys target asset allocation. The three- month underperfonnance against the policy benchmark is due mainly to underperfonnance by the fixed income managers. The Investment Committee went into closed session to hear a presentation from the finalist in the absolute retum manager search. Subsequently, the Committee authorized the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration, or his designee, to enter into contract negotiations with the new manager. A new manager is needed in order to replace an existing manager which is being tenninated ef`fective December 30m. All new managers are hired as a result of a Request for Proposals process under the supervision ofthe Universitys Purchasing Division. T. Student Affairs Committee Report Ms. Patterson reported that the Committee had a full house at its meeting that moming. Melanie Matson, Director of the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center, spoke to the Committee. She gave an overview of the services provided, part of which is intervention and safe space for victims (students, staff; and faculty). They also provide help in finding appropriate services for these people. It is a wonderful program. A 2004 safety study showed that 35.6 percent of female students were victims. A 2007 study found a slight reduction in those numbers. But, there was an increase in victims seeking help, an increase in campus safety, and an increase in the awareness of power based personal violence, so the program is working. Green Dot is a campus climate for a safe environment. They are creating active by- stander training on campus, an increase in health assistance, and things like this. It is a terrific program. Students reporting incidents have increased at UK. It is above the national average. This is good news. It means the students are more knowledgeable about reporting incidences, and they are working with the program. Mr. Fielden presented infonnation about the Tally Cats program. They partnered with the Martin Luther King Cultural Center to get more students to attend programs on diversity. There is a veteran student program that created a position in SGA to represent the retuming veterans who are on campus. -12-