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4 > Image 4 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-10-25

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

On behalf ofthe Special Committee on Athletics, Mr. Mobley recommended the acceptance of his report to the Board. Dr. Brockman asked for any discussion relative to the motion. He called for a vote to accept the report, and it passed without dissent. F. Proposed Revision to Goveming Regulation: University Athletics Committee Dr. Brockman said that CR l is a proposed revision to the Goveming Regulation (GR), Part II, regarding the creation of the University Athletics Committee. The recommendation is that the Board of Trustees receive the attached revision of Goveming Regulation II relating to Board committees for preliminary consideration. This will be the first reading. The second and final reading will occur at the next Board meeting in December. The proposed revision of GR, Part II, establishes a University Athletics Committee within the committee structure ofthe Board of Trustees and defines the Committees responsibilities. The revision also includes housekeeping and fonnatting changes. As background, in March 20l l, the Chair of the Board of Trustees appointed a Special Committee of the Board to review UK Athletics with benchmark institutions and current best practices. The Committee met on October 20, 20ll and recommended that the Board of Trustees create a new Athletics Committee within the committee structure of the Board and include community advisory members. The Committee further recommended that in order to remain compliant with NCAA rules on institutional control over intercollegiate athletics, the committee membership and its chair should be appointed by the President in consultation with the Chair ofthe Board of Trustees. All committee members, including community advisory members, will be appointed by the President of the University. The Committees responsibilities will include: providing counsel to the President conceming matters or activities ofthe Athletics Department, reviewing the Athletics Departments annual budget and audit reports, mzq or expenditures and acquisitions, and construction of facilities if the cost is expected to exceed $400,000, and, providing needed infonnation to the Board of Trustees. The Committee will be composed of five Board of Trustees members and up to three non-voting community members. Dr. Peek asked for clarification on the ruling regarding tenns. It was clarified that the initial tenns would be staggered and then all tenns would be for three years. Mr. Shoop moved approval of CR l for the first reading. Dr. Akins seconded the motion, and it passed without dissent. (See CR l on the Board of Trustees website,, under agenda.) -4-