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9 > Image 9 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-10-25

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

The Advisory Committee on Naming University Property has reviewed the request and found it to be in compliance with university policy AR 9:5. There were two letters of recommendation for this action. He recommended approval ofthe name designation. Dr. Roselle is the only past president, except for the immediate past president, who does not have a building named in his honor. He served as the universitys ninth president from 1987 to December 1989. His announced goal was to achieve national recognition for the University with respect to the quality of its graduates, its scholarship, and research. He left to become president ofthe University of Delaware. He is now retired. Mr. Mobley moved that PR 3 be approved. Mr. Stuckert seconded the motion, and it carried without dissent. (See PR 3 on the Board of Trustees website,, under agenda.) 1. Academic Affairs Committee Report Dr. Gannon, chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, reported that the Academic Affairs Committee met that moming. The meeting was in two phases: business and related infonnational update. Dr. Gannon reported that the Committee plans to have infonnational updates on four or five topics this year. He has worked with Dr. Hollie Swanson, chair ofthe Senate Council, to put together a list of appropriate topics for the Committee. He said that Distance Learning and Technology in the Classroom is the first infonnational topic. The Committee had a presentation by Dr. Jeannine Blackwell, Dean of the Graduate School, Mr. Vince Kellen, Chief Infonnation Officer, and Dr. Mark Kombluh, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The presentation was very infonnative, and the Committee had a very good discussion with a lot of interaction about this topic. The Committee leamed that distance leaming is strongest in the Graduate School with about 13 percent of all courses being taught by distance leaming while about 1 percent of undergraduate courses are utilized through distance leaming. J. Academic Degree Recommendation (AACR 1) Dr. Gannon said that AACR 1 is the recommendation that the Board of Trustees approve the establishment of a Master of Music with a major in Music Therapy degree in the College of Fine Arts, effective in the spring 2012 semester. On behalf of Academic Affairs Committee, he recommended the adoption of AACR 1. AACR 1 passed without dissent. (See AACR 1 on the Board of Trustees website, Trustees, under agenda.) K. Finance Committee Report Mr. Stuckert, chair ofthe Finance Committee, said that Mr. Patrick Johnson spoke on behalf ofthe student group regarding consideration of a clean energy feasibility study on -9-