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THE KENTUCKY Mechanical Department News K. 8. U. MAN IN FRANCE. A T3. C. McDowell, Mcclmnlcal Engl ncor for tho National Stool Car Com pnny of Hamilton, Canada, class 1895, Collcgo of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, reached Now York on January 11th aboard tho French lino Btoamor, Lafayette. McDowell has been in Franco and England for tho past three months in chargo of tho foreign business of his company. In connection with this work, McDowell has been all over Franco, making several trips to Marselllo and Toulon. McDowell camo over with tho engineers of tho Paris, Lyons & Mediterranean Railway, who will represent their road in tho plant during tho building of tho huge order for freight cars. Ho expects to go back in two or three months, when tho company begins shipping cars to France, and will probably make his headuarters in Marseille. KERNEL Hardesty's STATE GRADUATE GETS GOOD POSITION. Next Lynn H. Evans, a graduate of tho 1915 class, passed through Lexington last wo ok on his way to Franklin, Pa., to enter tho service of Tito Franklin Manufacturing Co., largo producers of asbestos and other forms of insulating material and apparatus for uso in connection with all forms of Btcam engineering work. This position offers a great future for Evans, who is 'no of tho best men who has gone out from State. Ho has been located in Marshnlltown, Iowa, since graduation, being in tho designing end of heating and ventilating with tho C. W. Dunham Co. A. I. E. E. to Door Ben Ali Theatre Young Men's Clothing The Kind for the College Man $15 to $35 Special Offer in Tailor Made Suits A $S.oo To any ,50 $ 16 Student Hats Best on Earth At tho regular monthly meeting of the Student Branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, the program consisted of the discussion TWO NEW MEMBERS FOR CANTERBURY of electricity as applied to automoWATT SOCIETY. biles, such as in ignition systems, The Canterbury Club received two The Watt Society of the Junior starting and lighting, and the conmembers, Derrill Hart and H. J. Ev class, held its regular meeting on Fri- struction and operation of the Owen ans into membership at a meeting day, January 21. Officers were elect- magnetic car. held In their club rooms Thursday, ed for the coming semester and the January 20. These are the only men regular business transacted.' The last FIRE DESTROYS HOUSE. who have been taken this year into administration has been a very sucthe club, which has as qualification cessful one, but better things are exThe home of J. Irv'lne Lyle, class for memberahlp the production of pected in the future. The following 1896, College of Mechanical and Elec SQme orIglnal nterary of merlt is the list of officers elected: W. S. trical Engineering, was damaged by Mr. Hart is an alumnus of State of the Moore, president; M. M. Montgomery, a $6,000 fire on January 18. Lyle year mz and thls year holda a fel. vice president; W. T. Radford, secrelives with his family In Plainfleld, N. ,owshlp at the Unlversity and is tary; D. D. Drake, treasurer; H. P. J., a suburb of New York. working for his master's degree. He Horine .sergeant at arms; "R. P. M." The fire was of unknown origin has produced a number of short stor- Scott, janitor; F. Y. Hutchinson, asNone of the family was injured, ,eg that haye attracted attention and is sistant janitor; D. S. Springer, Kernel though five members of the household alsQ a wr,ter of poetry Mr Evans Reporter. "iT were rescued by fire'-A servant has written for sometime under the by the smoke girl who was r name of "M. Pisgah," some clever arJUNIOR TRIP. is in a serir idition. She was re- ticles in a humorous vein, and others vived with a pulmotor. of a more serious nature. He is a The class of '17 went to Somerset Junior in the Department of Journallast Friday to inspect the shops and LAW SOCIETY. ism, and his home is in Frankfort. collect data which will be useful in Plans were made at this meeting machine design. The trip was quite At a meeting of the Henry Clay of the club for a pilgrimage which a success, as nearly every man in the Law Society January 26, the follow- will be made in the spring in the manclass went and each one declared he ing officers were elected: J. H. ner of Dan Chaucer and the original had been benefitted by going. Coleman, president; R. E. Culen, vice Canterbury pilgrims to some neighThe class will make an inspection president; David Gickman, secretary; boring town, probably Georgetown. trip to Cincinnati, Hamilton and DayJ. V. Chamberlain, treasurer; J. F. The members of the Canterbury Club ton in March. Gregory, prosecuting attorney; H. are: Professors J. T. C. Noe, E. F. Kolbrierer, chaplain; D. L. McNeil, irquhar, Charles P. Weaver and R. A. S. M. E. sergeant at arms. T. Taylor, and J. Franklin Corn, R. All tho members of the society and A. Foster, Herbert Graham, W. C. The next regular meeting of the Student 'Branch of the American So- all matriculates of the Law Depart- Shlnnick, Julius Wolf and John ciety of Mechanical Engineers will be ment are urged to meet with the Marsh. held at the fourth hour February 11 society. A trial will be held Wednesday in Mechanical Hall. The program will PATTERSON LITERARY SOCIETY. evening in honor of Miss Hamilton's be announced later. The Patterson Literary Society will ''"reshman English class. CLUB. hold its weekly meeting Saturday evening, February o, at 7:30 o'clock. Chapel, Friday 12:00. wk 61 at LAST CALL Martin & Stockwell's . Ill SOUTH "D Restaurant limestone FOR Most State men know us. Meal Tickets. Let us meet you Must Be In the Hands of the Photographer By OUR BASKETS OF FRUIT February 19. cTWAKE LOVELY GIFTS The last call has been issued for Senior pictures. Mr. Spengler, official photographer, has announced that there are a few late ones. The last photographs for Seniors and all clubs, classes and other organizations must be in the hands of the photographer by Saturday, February 19. All organizations, clubs and. societies that have not made arrangements for space in the Kentuckian must see R. E. Cullen at once, telephone 1399-Y- , or address him 373 Linden Walk. It has been announced by the business staff that each Senior's class dues must be paid before his picture will be allowed to go into the Annual, likewise with all classes, clubs, fraternities and societies. The date by which all dues must be paid is March Phoenix Fruit Store McGURK'S Where all is Wei) and Good Hot Chocolate, Home-madand Ices GOTHIC e Candy THE NEW ARROW a fr 2Sc COLLAR IT FITS THE CRAVAT 15. 2558 Phone TAXICABS FAYETTE MOTOR 5: CO. 2 Miii Strut. University Lunch Stand ir Rate Short Lunches at any Time, All Kinds of Cakes & Pastries R. S. Oldham Proprietor Patronize Our Advertisers UNION Twelve Cents Per Suit FORj UP-TO-DA- PRESSING Agrcfmrut I will agree to press FIVE suits within each calendar month starting the 1st day of January 1916 to the 1st day of June 1916 for $3 00 to any one joining the pressing club, providing I get five hundred members before Januory 1, 1916. ON ACCOUNT OF THE HOLIDAYS NOT BE CLOSED MEMBERSHIP TO THIS CLUB WILL UNTIL CALL JANUARY 15 AT 621-- The Union Literary Society held its weekly meeting Saturday evening and tho entire session was given over to tho report of tho outgoing officers and the election of new officers. The following members were elect ed to office: H. Felix, president; W. D. Her, vice president; J. V. Chamber secretary; Joe M. Rob lain, treasurer; J. B. Hud inson, son, corresponding socrotary; Herbert Schobor, prosocuting attorney; C. O. Clark, librarian, and according to cus tom, J. T. Gooch, the outgoing presi dent, was elected janitor. THE Becker's Pressing Club Corner High and South Lime and register or phone and have our representative call on you SOCIETY. ! y HUMPHREY STUDIO. 341 West Main. Harvard. "The Crimson," Harvard's daily, has home. Just erected a now two-stor- SHOES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY FOR COLLEGE MEN AND WOMEN. Visit us and see our excellent lines. Special attention to University people. S. Bassett CS Sons 238 West Main Street. The University Store. Corner Limestone and Winslow Lunch Counter Open Seven Days and Nights Especially on Sunday Full Line of STATIONERY and SUPPLIES W. F. OLDHAM'