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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 1, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Cop 1 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL tlMM, nprt th FrWur ttiiwirto'.t Col- - rHOOf KKADKMI sixty-seve- CwipwW Frail HVn Kinr TArr pROtoaiuraM k i. a. Palter rriptlon On fit cub TfWT etaM Mb tw .y7 )U-- lfM-- y mniM L. ASfttRT AMf HMttcr OM x MANAIiKR '2 IAWAmPMCWMTt AMiaTAim MANAOma EDITOR I. ftarRmt 1WIi '25 lf.f- 17 - WfflfcMH LATION AMMTANT Tnmtm Kim AMMTaICVS A It BPOftT KDITOM TMi 'It AMtBTANTS S. MeSferrr tt Jm H Ray 11 2S Kaimla O'Hwa rtsroKTitta WIIM RhW taeteie Haeii Katavr ttaeranl Catharine Klltat MM MiaaefcM Knaeh THHtSte Jawal Itayat Jiin Wahh Oertfcj Neaktar Arthur Mertfa AmtabeMe Murphy OOIiTT JtHtTOR Deris OnMnmnn Wrrm A Prtea AMISTAMTS felliafetft OlMock IMm Iwta Well Mat? SUNfttea AWOOtATI Hvfke Amanda Of bi 1 Jean A. adtbrtisimo manaorr OINer Frwk K. KeeVer Hoot 'IS Mekurtf MAKA Augustus 'ti N15WH EDITOR T4 MMrrH 'II KOtTORB IImmm Deeeeti Xieela Martha Maai MawiiaM twrae Marr 9mrt Goor Dwothy Harriet OhMrteW Jehn IlsttMk Mliabeih I.itt6atn Ixria llanrett llawaia Knox DEDICATION Tomorrow the official dedication of the new Indium will take tilece 'mid caramonios designed as a fitting prelude to the anmml fooLbnll cleuic be- twaon the Fighting Wildcats and the Gallant Colonels. Indications point to a record breaking crowd for this initial game in the new edifice dedicated to the developmont of manhood through contest. When the ceremony on Saturday is completed, it will signify the first of tho tremendous steps the university is taking toward future development, It will stand ar a symbol,, mutely eloquent in its sculptured design, of tha cloan sportsmanship, the manly courtesy, the honor and integrity that has always characterized the wearers of the Blue and White. And, also, it will proclaim a tribute to the loyal alumni of the university,, whose lmuiill conce has made its erection possible and whose generosity is epitomised in one of their number whose name adorns its portal. The University of Kentucky is in a stage of transition. Improvements and additions along all lines of education, to be put into effect in the near future, will place our Alma Mater at the top of the scroll on which is em blasoned the achievements of southern institutions of higher education. The ideal in complete education is three-folmental,, spiritual and physical, and St oil Stadium stands as a monument to the development of one of this trinity whose vital influence will be felt throughout the common wealth, because of the essential part it plays in development of true and enduring character. November 1 is "Kentucky Day," a day of to the service ' and progress of our Mother State and on which it behooves all students to portray the manliness so inextricably interwoven into the warp of every Kentuckian's character; a day to mark the beginning of a new era for the university; a day consecrated to the development of manhood through clean and manly contest. d, LAMENTABLE OCCURRBNCB Disposition of the case of the three men whom rumor has charged with hiring perpetrators of a despicable attempt to reveal information concerning the Wildcat eleven was made at a special meeting of the Men's' Student Council held Tuesday. In the aftermath of the Washington & Lee Kentucky game, rumors were started about the campus which linked in derogatory connection the nnmos of three men in the student body. The Men's Student Council, exercising the duties of their office, investigated all the circumstances surrounding the ense; witnesses were called and a complete examination was made, the rosult of which disclosed that the men whom rumor had were A i I- innocent. It is indeed gratifying to the students Qt tho university to believe that their campus harbors no one whoso conscience and honor is so infiini-tosima- l, that, but for the sportsmanship of the Washington & Lee men, would have bartered their Alma Mater's victory for a few paltry dollars. The rumor implicating the men exonerated by the Student Council had its origin in a statement made by Coach DcIIart of the Washington & Loe team, that prior to the game three men came to his room and offered to Jurnish information about the Kentucky eleven. .Coach DcIIart, a typical example of Ac manhood of tho school whose sportsmanship he so signally exemplifies, refused, he said, to accept information from such sources and ejected tho three men from his room. It is regrettable that such rumors should ever gain headway at all, but once started they spread, like a stone dropped into a placid pool of water, until they impinge on all that is close about. The Kernel dosiros to commend the Council for its prompt and decisive action in this most regret- - table affair. COURTESY AND THIS UNIVERSITY Several weeks ago the manager of the Kentucky Theater commended a group of students of the univorsity for their courtesy in repressing their emotions and for rofraining from "rushing" the house during the running of the film. The result was that a few days later he instituted University of Kentucky Night and permitted the band and cheer leadors forty-fiv- e minutes to feature their program. Because of the thoughtfulnoss of those students, tho university later received more widespread publicity than it could have secured in any other manner. But the publicity was only a minor factor. The good will and favor of the townspeople increase when they hear of such acts on the part of the students, and this institution must have tho sympathy of Lexington if it is to grow and prospor. Evon though the inborn traits of gentility and politonoss were not planted at the roots of this institution, solfish interests alone would force ub to watch our stop. The spirit of our university is higher thnn it has ovor boon in tho past. Our studonts, who are manly men and womanly womon are not ashamed to bo thus dosignated. Tho wavo of practical jokos which often pervade a school is not prosent on our campus. Wo bolieve with all our hearts in taking our. fun where we find it, but we do not recognise it as fun when it is at the expense of others. The banners of U. of Ky. are floating high this year and it is our responsibility to see that they do not drag in the dust, PROMINENT MEN INDICATE PERILS OF BOND FAILURE fe ' ington Herald, and W. C. Wilson, Works and secretary of the alumni association of the university, addressed a mass meeting of the students of the university, called by the Men's Student Council on Tuesday evening, October 28, at Patterson Hail, on behalf of Will Sioll the bond issue. Great enthusiasm in the passage of the $75,000,000 bond issue to be submitted to the voters 200 ATTEND RALLY of Kentucky om November 4 was dis played by the students at this meet iug. Bob Creech, Kentucky cheer Wilson leader, led tha assembly ia a soriss Day of yells. Mr. Stoll declared in his addross that it would be a torrlblo thing for d Kentucky to fail to carry the Hon. J. W. Stoll, prosidont of the issue. The state would receive City National Bank of Lex- a blow from which she would not rellrst and years. Mr. Stoll ington und former state senator; cover in twenty-fiv- e Desha Breckenridgo editor of tho Lex said, "We are working in tho inter-- j J. Commissioner of Public and Desba Breckenridge Are Speakers Presents Plans For Election Program pro-pou- y. n Dress Well and Succeed Ken-tuet- Rumwefe manamcr Kyi Wen it M fifty Cent est ef prtxtteal peNticst our purpoM pwve awwi avieeeni o ewi w sne id atmi we endeavor peflm Two women and ana man will It te effiptl a to le omeUUng greet, grand, and he statkmed at eaeh of tin preeUicta tn taxinsrton and twenty gtartan fer Kentucky. tfena artel "xl in Fayette county. . Hr. Stoll referred to the cwnditkma A meeting of thee students will be tee eeatcm Kentweky where he heM Monday evening, November 3, Monday ertn-inan address nn at 7 o'clock In the gymnasium. Final y laatmtroaa will be given than. Tha "The eh.itren of eastern WefnafrV Club the unrrersity wiH wfk, many of them, six miles eaffte breakfast of and will distribute of farther through the mod to school. literature to the workers at 6:1ft oa W are getting morf than yr har; Tuesday nominee in the University The w o, krrs will be conwe must listen to their appeal. Edu Cafeteria cation la their salvation and it is veyed to the poll in automobiles. ear salvation. We mast have it or we cannot eeeaaete with the educated people of other State?. Pew parents can afford to send their sons and daughters to schools oat of Kentucky; YOUNG VOTERS they mast he educated here." Mr. Stoll stated that Ms only regret la that he did not begia to take part us SoYVide To Be Maid in Court Room Sunday. the campaign as soon as the teglshv ture pasoed the Mil hut sarteg. In the circuit court room of the Mf. Ufechenridge presented to the a brief history of the plaee Court nones oa Sunday afternoon at students Keatucky has always heM among the three o'clock, the first installation serfor young voters wtil he held other states of the nation. The vice, under the auspices of the Democratic for which Kentucklans fought party. Mrs. 18. cause U McDonald, the in the sixties was not more vital than of John W. Davis, will prethe cause for which w fight today," side. All young people betwoon tho Until after the Civil War, ages of IS nml 11 are lnvltod to nttond he said. Kentucky dominated the imagination the brief Installation services. of ths country and Europe. She was It was customary when Knighthood a far step in advance of other states. was in flowor to introduce tho young This position was lost by lack of edu- squires into the right and duties of cation. The pioneer statesmon recog- knightho'bd with appropriate and coromonios. In viow of the abnised two great truths: a groat commonwealth cannot be built upon the sence of an understanding and apprebacks of uneducated men, and a groat ciation of tha lmportnnco of tho rights commonwealth must have adequate and dutios which fall to young Mr. Breckenridge pointed out variwhon they nro automatically adous fields in which Kentucky has alto the ways led. After the Civil War the mitted on bocoming twonty-onimperative need of cducatien for all hlah privileges of exercising tho vote, people was recognised. Since 1870, it is felt that some such service should Kentucky has dropped from her po- be instituted in America as was in sition of leadership. use in the days of chivalry. "Those who fight the bond issue enThe first of these services will be deavor to perpetuate the deplorable held next Sunday afternoon. A comexisting in our instituconditions tions," he said. He concluded his ad- mittee of young peoplo from both dress by an appeal to each student Universities and also tho city- - and to do all in his or her power to win county are in charge of the program. supporters for the issue. "If we Misses Amielle and Virginia Kelley give ourselves as those in the sixties and Mary Marshall McMeekln repregave, the fight is won," he said. sented the University of Kentucky at Mr. Wilson presented the plans for election day to be carried out by 190 the committee meeting held at the women and 90 men students, who Phoenix Hotel Thursday afternoon. Amor-lean- Following our annual custom we will close SATURDAY AFTERNOON DURING THE GAME We will open immediately after the game and extend a cordial welcome to all CELEBRATE THE to. come in and s 4 "zWe're keener Vnan ever on the"!cmesVion o-- f SVvjle J Clothes for College Men We used the style opinion of college men instead of our own this fall. 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