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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 05, no. 04, 1931

Part of Kentucky alumnus

, . L: { _ KENTUCKY ALUMNUS 7 , culture have elements of interest bulk of the musical pro r _ B t i _ " , l lfgy the entire _farmers family. The Fine Arts program ong lidlols- ty? ;ai;1;$g:il,lmc1ud 2 wlde Vane a Talks QH Styles In olothmfb home days. a _$U`iUY l8SSiC3l presenta- In addition to these scheduled i I .decorat10n,8Hd'f00d data will be tion, will feature David Young, programs many special I-adiocasts directed primarily for the benefit violinist; and a piano duo. The are presented each year such as gf the f8.l'lTl1`,S wife, and many Blue and White orchestra ra. idl * - n 4 H club programs (some by the becoming one of th f , tp F afi fiom S programs on the mgm _ ` _ _ e oremos co - o anuary 21, featuring the test members thelmselves) will be pre- lgI3t dance groups IH the coun- musical selections to be used in _ y sentedlfor t e youngei element. try, will appear on Tuesdays and the state music contests- athletic gppraisa V Musical programs coming from Thursdays. On Wednesdays, a contests; and fraternity dances. _f Cem. the University during _the first typical Kentucky program, Moun- The ALUMNUS will carry the in- ~ Six months of 1i)32 will _be va- tain Melodies will be presented. formation on these special broad- ; ried. _Whlle strictly University This program will feature the casts at the proper times ietlgeat; organizations sudh as the Phil- more unusual mountain songs and Booklets listing all of the Uni- eclim it 1 armomc orchestra., the bands, will be performed by people from Vorslty of Kentucky 13di03StS for ld to the and the Glee club will appear at the mountains. The musical pro- thefirst Six months of 1932 mo transfer intervals, groups especially adapt- gram for Fridays will be a classi- Zggllgggioiggq W%1obR;I?t lg; ZT}? e non-li ed to radiocasting will handle the cal presentation sponsored by Phi at the Uni g 10 u IOS I ocisiom _, _ versity, Lexington, o e court. - T le univer- ` ___ ice taxes f Vey ati I Q iversity`; . l ` rces ei 3 uulnl NGIUS 2 lpproxim A _ HCCCSSHU _ FY aging; Grad Visits U. K. They will be at home at 1628 South Mrs. John Couch, Princeton. He l l ,010,006i 4_ Arthur M_ Eyre, who was gradu- Lllnestone street after January 1. is connected with the Indian Re- I 7 .. . ated_last June from the College of " fining company. ` t d th Engineering, University of Ken- Day-Williams ax a a i 1 e a tueky, was in Lexington Visiting The following announdements D,. I., S - . l venue of Ifyigndg On his gvay to his {Oi-mei. are received: u 5- pller ? g or the home in Maysville. Since his, MTS. Albert T- Day _A \V{ldlIlg of unusual beauty ` E the at graduation, Mr, Eyre has been with announces the marriage Sg}1l;oZi%oat1aX night, t Work- K. Campbell Heating and of h1` daghl51 to wiiy.? 1Ith d- atl Qclock at Nentuating Company, with head- D<>rthv Markwell F H? ?- 0 at _h h l ,qum_t1_Sin Kansas City M0 to Miss Katheilne Druly, daughter- , ; .* * * ` _ Mr. Howard Griffith Williams gf ML and M,1`$ Leo R- D1`m`Y ` iquyn-Anderson on Saturday. the twentysixth Of s?;uii,.thTiE;1(i,? fRCaiyDgi,n ( Th { ii , December _ 7 ' . , , ' j lzceivtzdouing announcements Ono thousand. nine hundred and e1tlyh!ngsid;;ie;So1f;Eoo2atilng `llmmstgr. ?riY$fY and Mrs William nant Guy,. - th"`t*" and attractive and dfuigl Y lim Y ` .r.,_ _ - g hel stu- . {_Lo,,o TY; . annouooodih m31113ge of Lexlngcgnixigtucky dent days at the University of i that wm `_ `Chl1'-(l21l1gl'1tl on Rossoil Avoouo Kentucky was showered with latives t, ; 3 _ Elizabeth Loxiogtoo Kootooky much attention and many honors, " f ` to e L- She was a member of Alpha Xi y th in L Walter Southall Anderson, Ji-, n,,,,c,m_C,,,,ci, Delta S<<>rity. R- 0- T- G- alien- b e scg V on Saturday, December Mr {md MTS J W Duncrm of sor in her freshman year, and at- l ` ie nineteenth ' * tendant to the May Queen in her * m yi is Nioot h d_ ._ _ Stone avenue, have announced the I . , . Elia iih0i`2.iiiS i`i,i.?Qi1?y G of their deughtev Mar Si~imiiiw" i. i i di, _ , tha Pence, to Mr. Vir il Couch, of Q 11 grqm* W was grad' . Of = At Home - g uatecl froln Lexi t h h h l re tyvg . . after January first P1'1HC9t0Il, Ky., which was solemn- d th U _ On lg SC 00 , . lectncal 1682 South Limestone su-eee md Ch1`lSt"S as at 2 lk il liwemty of Kentucky i h or _ o The W dd_ ' V o by Rom R- H. Doughorty in tho xx rele e vias a member of the { rap Y , _ _. G mg tool. place at the _ _ _ _ - football and basketball teams He l Ci ine _ , __ . pelsonage of the Fllst Methodist _ _ _ ntiy Di; ya igiilaziililie tbldes Faentsdln church was also a lnember of the tennis i *;: . o ti 0< 0< atur av ` . . . t , t` tl R .... * he _C<>ll?$ gllvolifcllani D0ml>er 19, Dr. D. K. oo;;?iSlf,lo1g_G 1SSir;;tla;;E;;d2(l 12lil111$l?`ai>If lglplig Taxi) Olilnegzi will lll- 1,; $1 3 i pastor of the Presby- , _ , - _ social fraternity and Omicron i d ir , tenlan h . . . Unlxelslti of Kentucky, whele . J Stu b ,c urch Of?f1Cmt"?g Only she was a l`l`llTll)(:].` of Delta Zeta Delta Kappa il fmtermty for Out` Y the immediate {ami- Sol,o1_ity_ Sho has boon Soorotory standing senior men; Delta Sigma _ urn] pro C OSB fllellds VVQYQ present, , Plil, l10I101a11V Commerce fraterni- _. - M,. Ando], . I , at the Bureau of Business Admin- l mal and Y and Son IS he Son of PYOL istration at the Universitv, tY aud a mombor of Scebberd and l ,od_ Hoi iin t 1S- W, S. Anderson, Lex- M1,. Coach is o omduooo of tho Blade, and Keyes, the outstanding nr-ni Fall Ui;SitH ES 21 graduate of the Uoi\,o1,SitV of Kootooky and o freshman organization, ; . - v == I ontmuttl -5 ombor (gl} she Igooguoly adRha member of Alpha Tau Omega fra- M . A * l plml fraternity p 3 amma O ternity; was president of the Y, """*-to fod . f The dai, _ or Mh and Mrs A d ' A _ M_ C_ A_; editor of The Kem Mrs. Leslie Sloan announces the 1 be pre _ ediatelv f0H0 _ H eason left im- tnckinm and p1Sidnt of the pit, marriage of her daughter, Miriam i season, for Wahin t wing tlc ceremony kin club Ho is tho Son of ML and Field, to Mr. Ralph Gooch Wood- l ,]]ege of. g on and NQW YOTl< all, 30, formerly of Somerset. The i . W: I