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Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 63, no. 4, 1993

Part of Kentucky alumnus

T ‘ ’ f T I , ; 1 A {Ti ; . 3 ’Z. · . ` l x I- 5 ' 7* T. E = + I ·‘ .4w; T . ~».. ·1,L` I h i l T , _.—W , g , » T . . ;v ` V I .7 J " 0 Q;} _ * lz; A, J E"; I -’’‘ I i-$ . éf. ‘‘= I I I ` I I ' ’-‘‘’ ’ I I `¢ . li I J TQ: . 1 \ " Hjigth-"I \ 2 Ugg; §;<;;(;:¤J;m;: ¤ ¢¤l:;9fv;d;;g:;:; I/Vhat else could jamal Mashburn do l I probably wouldn’t go to college. · · · · I F He had alread brou ht the That’s not fair to a lot of kids * ; I I mude you smile. smiles to UK uthlel- I for UK Y g · { l 4 J¤m¤|M¤Shb¤r¤'S ks direffcr C.M. basketball program back from proba- "I see this as my chance to give i °""°':‘;°`:{"‘;:';;:°':'§; N°J;*;'¥°:':i§;$5; tion to the Final Four in three short something back to the people who $500,000 ,° UK ,,, ,,;;,,;,5 bureau years at the University. Then, in Sep- have helped me and to help those stu- tj 5*¤¤ ¤ P¤‘¤9f¤m *¤ BY¤f5 ¤¤d P"°5ld°n* tember, standing before the local l dents who may not otherwise have the ii; °"°;’;r;%;;‘;`::Eé we'hingt§:1T°;hTé media again, Mashburn announced chance (to go to college)." I I ;h;, also 0,,,,,,. that he was ivin his alma mater The Office of Minori Affairs will 1 9 _ s S S YY g *¢¢d*¤ b¤‘¤¤9 Smiles I $500,000 to fund a program to help administer the program. Vice chan- l l t° °*h°” °s*h° l encourage youth of Kentucky to l cellor for minority affairs Lauretta A j Kentucky Excel pro- e _ _ _ l gram ,,n;°|d,_ l aspire toacollege education. Byars and others are developing ], To his coach, Rick Pitino, who guidelines. i i knew him best, Mashburn’s generosi- . Athletics director C.M. Newton . l ty was not a surprise. "I have told you called Mashburn’s donation unique. g people from the beginning thatjamal _ "Basically, student-athletes are ‘takers, § = Mashburn is special. He is a special A they are not ‘givers.’ For the most basketball player, but more than that part, student-athletes will leave a pro- · ’ y he is a special person. If there was any , gram and may give a little bit here li doubt about that, it is gone now. " , and a little bit there, but to see a X i \`; l To be known as the ‘jamal Mash- young man at the start of a profes- l T burn Kentucky Excel" program, it will l sional career make this type of com- seek to identify qualified Fayette mitment is unheard of.” l` I County students at the end of their I Perhaps an editorial in the Ken- * I * eighth-grade year and match them tucky Kernel summed it up best: "A half I with UK student-athletes and alumni million dollars is no small sum. But { in a mentor relationship. When these T even though Mashburn hasn’t signed I I . . . S T · youngsters progress through high i with the Dallas Mavericks we’re sure I ` school successfully, a scholarship will l he will soon, so the Monster Mash fig- § be waiting for them at UK i ures to make Monster Cash. And, if "When I was growing up," says l the past is any indication, we’re sure A Mashburn, "my mother told me that he’ll handle himself both on and off if I didn’t have an athletic scholarship l the court with Monster Class." , xi — if vg; ·l K(`llIll(`l§l’ r\lllllllll1S Win(€y if ii- — · —— ---- -»----—-- ee eeeee ee eeeee . . .... . .